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Mar 02, 2010

Green Fleshlight Girls

With the recent release of our green St. Patrick's Day Fleshlight line, it was only a matter of time before the thoughts of sexy green women crossed men's minds. After all, if you are the type that needs visual stimulation, you aren't going to get it from a Crayola.

To give you some visuals, here are some of the hottest green women that will haunt your fantasies and add to your St. Patty's Fleshlight experience.

Yaddle: Get You Off I Want To!
She sacrificed herself for the people of Mawan in 26 BBY and would also sacrifice herself for you in the bedroom. Half the age of Yoda, Yaddle is young, fun, and ready to party. She's also known as "The One Below", perfect if you prefer the missionary position.

She-Hulk: I Can Never Have Enough Muscle...
If you like your women sexy and strong, the Incredible Hulk's cousin may be the match for you. With a day position as an acclaimed lawyer, she proves to have brawn, beauty, and brains. Ask her about her secret position called "The Fantastic Four".

Poison Ivy: Touch Once and Feel Forever...
With lips that will literally kill, you will want keep this relationship purely sexual. While her lips are indeed poisoned to end your life, her other parts are poisoned for pleasure. With a botanical aroma, you will be hard pressed to turn away her approach.

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