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Apr 27, 2011

Four Million Sold

AUSTIN, Texas—The world’s number one selling men’s sex toy company, Fleshlight, has officially sold more than 4 million adult toy products. Introduced to the sex toy market in 1995 with the Original Pink Lady, Fleshlight took the adult industry by storm with their sex toy line of true-to-life molds of women’s vaginas. The toy, created for men’s pleasure, depicts a realistic recreation of a woman’s insides intended for pure sexual gratification. In 2002 Fleshlight delivered a new product line after huge consumer demand. “We then introduced various internal sensations, which kept our customers coming back for more,” said Brian Shubin, COO of Fleshlight. “At this point, with extensive online marketing and a vast product line, Fleshlight was beginning to attract a cult following. We have since introduced some products that have been huge successes. We have replicated today's biggest porn stars anatomy to create the Fleshlight Girls line of products, as well have launched a widely desired vibrating Fleshlight product. To date, our best seller is the Stamina Training Unit, which helps men improve their endurance during intercourse.” Fleshlight continues to set the bar among their contemporaries in the industry winning multiple awards for Best Male Sex Toy. It has been featured in mainstream hit movies Zach and Miri Make a Porno and Baby on Board, as well as in an episode of the hit television series Californication starring David Duchovny. Most recently, Fleshlight was featured on Comedy Central’s Tosh.O., one of the leading Men’s blogs in the country, published their “50 Guys We Wish We Were in 2010,” in which Steve Shubin, creator and founder of Fleshlight, was listed at No. 49. “Don’t recognize the name? Sure. But if you spend time trolling any kind of porn Web site (yep, that covers all of you), you’re sure to recognize his product: the Fleshlight,” says the article. “For those who don’t know, it’s basically a hollowed out flashlight with a skin-like interior for those lonelier nights. Steve’s male sex toy was always an innovation but he really outdid himself this year when he unveiled the Avatar edition. You may never party with the Na’vi but with Fleshlight, you can feel like you’re humping the Unobtanium out of one. Yes, that really just happened.” To celebrate all that Fleshlight has accomplished, the company announced they are rolling back prices to the original selling point of $59.95 for the entire month of May. "We are elated to be where we are at this point. Four million sold is a huge milestone for us,” said Shubin. “It is really enjoyable for the Fleshlight team because we feel like 4 million units sold is just the tip of the iceberg. In the near future our customers can expect to see Fleshlight continuing to lead the male toy industry with the release of some great new products. We want to say thank you to our loyal customers by rolling prices back in celebration of 4 million sold.” For more information, visit

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