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Oct 13, 2011

Flight Records: Zombie

By: Gilgamesh of Fleshlight Forums I got my Freaks on Monday- Zombie, Frankenstein and Cyborg. I already had Alien and Drac looked too much like Asa Akira Dragon. I didn't get a chance to try them out until today, Wednesday, though, and I only got as far as Zombie. I'm not thrilled with the orifice- ILF makes so many gorgeous pussies that it's a bit disappointing to have an intentionally ugly one. But the texture is what counts, and Zombie is great in that department. As with all Fleshlights, Zombie has a learning curve, but I only needed about 15 minutes before I felt at home in it. The ribbed section is really intense and has a bunch of extra protrusions that make it feel even better. Then I got to the wave section, and I swear that part of the sleeve sent electric shocks radiating out from my crotch to the top of my skull and down to the tips of my toes. I was riding an orgasmic wave for a good 10 minutes, hanging on for dear life and doing my best to keep from cumming too soon. The best part, though, was when I finally went past the point of no return. In most of my other Fleshies I have to stop stroking at that point- it's just too damn painful to keep going. But with Zombie I was able to keep stroking full bore right through to the end. It wasn't painful- it was enormous pleasure, the kind that has the whole body jerking and convulsing, the eyes rolling, the moans coming out and the mind in bliss. This was my only Flight with Zombie so far, but if it continues like this I hope to enjoy many more Flights in the future. I hope that Frank and Cy are as mind-blowing as Zombie. Get The Fleshlight Freaks While They Last!

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