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Sep 13, 2010

Flight Records: The Stoya Destroya Gets A Perfect Score

Reviewer Gives the Stoya Destroya a Perfect Score

"The Destroya is one of the newest textures to be released and is adeptly named. The Destroya is a new multi-textured sleeve unique to Stoya. Instead of one texture repeating throughout the entire sleeve, the sleeve contains many textures, each taking up around an inch or so in the sleeve. The sleeve starts off with a section of small bumps followed by a section of fangs. The fangs are positioned in opposite directions which tend pulls you deeper into the sleeve when stroking. Next up is a small row of teeth, found on the Swallow texture as well, and the best part: more fangs pointing directly down. These fangs do an amazing job at stimulating your cock and are what make this sleeve excellent. Following the chamber of fangs is a row of STU bumps and finally a SR texture to finish it off."


Upon entry into the Destroya, the immediate sensation is that of the fangs on your shaft pulling you in farther, and then the fangs hitting your cock head. The sensations the fangs produce start off feeling subtle. But as you keep stroking, they slowly ramp up in intensity. Each stroke gives the fangs ample opportunity to massage every part of your cock. It's one of the best sensations I have ever felt across the Fleshlight lineup. My buildup to orgasm was just delightful. There was constant stimulation and the pleasure was pretty consistent throughout.

As orgasm approaches is when this sleeve really starts to show off. The pleasure produced by the fangs really ramps up as your cock head expands. The sensations during my orgasm were one of the most intense feelings that I've felt across the Fleshlight lineup. They were on par or pretty close to the Twista in terms of stimulation. The fangs really worked my cock head as I was cumming. Stroking through orgasm will be nearly impossible due to the sensations produced. Overall I each orgasm I had with the Destroya was just excellent. There are enough fangs inside, stretching from around 3" to 6" that It doesn't matter what size cock you have; anyone can enjoy this texture.

Lube use was about average with the Destroya. Because this is a multi-textured sleeve, you do have to use a little bit more lube to fully ensure all the compartments are lubed up. But once you start FLying, you won't have to re-lube too often. Cleaning up was a little more difficult than others just because of all the textures inside. Overall though it wasn't that bad. I could run water through the sleeve pretty easily and use my fingers to ensure nothing was left inside. Noise was about average as well. It was a fairly quiet sleeve, nothing that made it louder than the others.

Overall the Destroya is an easy 10/10. The stimulation and sensations produced are just astounding. The fangs are unlike anything I've felt before and the pleasure is fantastic. I would highly recommend this sleeve to anyone looking for a pleasurable and intense experience. This is probably not a sleeve for edging with just due to the large amount of stimulation it provides. The texture is pretty well laid out inside and no matter how large or small you are, you should enjoy this texture. If you want a solid sleeve that will give you an orgasm to remember then this is the sleeve to buy.

Summary: Stoya's Destroya

Immediate Feedback - 10/10
Texture/Stimulation - 10/10
The Orgasm - 10/10
Lube Use - 4/5
Aftermath/Cleanup - 5/5
Overall - 10/10

My Dimensions:

6" long and 4.5" girth, cut
23 years old
Experienced FLyer with 2+ years experience.

Testing Strategy:
- Minimum of 5 FLights on each FL before a review, each ending in orgasm.
- Each FLight is performed naked, lying flat on the bed without any porn or external stimulation.
- There are at least 24 hours between each FLight, or at least 5 days of use.
- I always make sure the end cap is loose (a turn or two) and allows for air to freely move in and out.
- I use ID Glide lubricant.
- Generally, I do some edging with the sleeve before my orgasm, each FLight lasting roughly 10 - 20 minutes.
- During at least one FLight I force myself to pump all the way through my orgasm in order to assess the sensitivity of the texture during ejaculation.

- Each FL is unique and requires a break-in period. I don't note that period in the review because I do a minimum of 5 FLights. Please be aware of any DGS (Death Grip Syndrome) you may have, or a break in period if you are new to the Fleshlight. I recommend at least 5 FLights for experienced FLyers and at least 10 or more for new FLyers before you can really appreciate a texture.
- I don't normally assess quality of the sleeve in my reviews as the quality changes somewhat depending on the product they use for manufacturing and the unique Fleshlight you receive. Should any abnormal quality issues arise, I will make note of it.
- I don't focus on "realism" (vs. a real pussy) in my reviews as my primary concern is my orgasm. I don't think that its possible to create a "realistic" pussy with the current material. My primary goal when using the Fleshlight is to have a great orgasm, regardless of the realism of the sleeve.
- I generally use the "Lady" orifice on sleeves, except sleeves that have a unique orifice.

By orlandot94 of the Fleshlight Forum

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