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Oct 04, 2010

Flight Records: Mini Lotus and Sex in a Can Lotus

A Double Review With Lupe Mini Lotus and Sex in a Can Lotus

"The SIAC Pink Lotus Lager and FLG Lupe Fuentes are two of the most popular sleeves and for good reason. I own and enjoy both. Read on for my thoughts."

by orlandot94

My Dimensions:

6" long and 4.5" girth
22 years old
Experienced FLyer with 2+ years experience.

Testing Strategy:
- Minimum of 5 FLights on each FL before a review, each ending in orgasm.
- Each FLight is performed naked, lying flat on the bed without any porn or external stimulation.
- There are at least 24 hours between each FLight.
- I always make sure the end cap is open and allows for air to freely move in and out.
- I use Gun Oil H2O lubricant.
- Generally, I do some edging with the sleeve before my orgasm, each FLight lasting roughly 10 20 minutes.
- During at least one FLight I force myself to pump all the way through my orgasm in order to assess the sensitivity of the texture during ejaculation.


This is a dual review of the FLG Lupe Fuentes and the SIAC Pink Lotus Lager. Both of these sleeves feature the mini lotus texture. The texture between each of them is almost identical, with the SIAC sleeve being smaller and tighter to fit the shorter case. At first use, fucking the SIAC feels like fucking a tight pussy. Its really quite remarkable how good it feels. Once you enter the sleeve fully, you can really feel the chambers in the back of the texture work your cock. The tightness here is what really makes the SIAC feel great. It surrounds your entire cock, working the top, middle, and bottom, and at all times. There is only so much room in the case, thus the chambers press into your cock head like you wouldn't imagine, massaging every bit of it. At my length, It fit my 6" cock perfectly, allowing me to easily reach through the entire case. I was able to fully appreciate all the nodes and chambers of this texture.

If your cock is larger than 6", or you want a looser feeling, then the FLG Lupe Fuentes is for you. The sleeve feels almost identical to the SIAC sleeve, except it is the standard 10" length of all FL sleeves. The sleeve is looser, because the standard FL case has a wider opening than the SIAC, and the final chambers are not as pronounced as on the SIAC. On my cock, I didn't quite get to appreciate the final chambers as much as I would have liked to. The chambers felt less rigid and not as stimulating as the SIAC sleeve. On the SIAC sleeve, the chambers really grind into your cock, while on the FLG sleeve, they felt loose. This is probably due to my girth, of 4.5". If your larger, the FLG sleeve will naturally feel tighter.

While the SIAC easily brought me to orgasm, it felt like I had to work a bit for orgasm on the FLG side. The texture was stimulating, but it took longer than I had hoped. When your fucking the FLG sleeve, you can pretty easily feel all the nodes and chambers massaging your cock, but its not as pronounced as the SIAC sleeve. Of course if your larger than 6", the FLG Mini Lotus is really the sleeve for you, as you'll be able to fully reach into the back chambers which stimulate your cock much more than the initial texture of the sleeve. Also if your larger than my 4.5" in girth, the chambers will probably feel a bit better on the FLG sleeve as well. Due to the chambers in the back of each sleeve, you almost get a Phil Spector Wall of Sound effect. Thus, these sleeves do tend to be a bit louder than normal, so take this into consideration if your looking for a silent sleeve.

When you do finally reach orgasm, each sleeve provides an excellent experience. Both aren't overly sensitive and you can keep stroking through ejaculation if you wish, but they are intense. I've found that during orgasm its easier to keep stroking with the FLG sleeve because its looser than the SIAC sleeve. The chambers on the SIAC really pound your cock head which makes it feel excellent, but its VERY intense during ejaculation. I've had some great orgasms with both sleeves though.

Both of these hold lube quite well due to the chambers inside of them. Once they have lube in them, they act almost as a self lubrication system and generally keep you well lubed through your FLight. I have found that due to the tight opening of the SIAC, I tend to dry out towards the bottom of my cock and have to re-lube a few times during FLight. However, this isn't that much of an issue as I orgasm pretty quickly in this sleeve! The SIAC models have the smallest opening of any FL in terms of diameter, but there is plenty of sleeve to pad your cock and no soreness or tenderness occurred for me in either sleeve. Cleaning both of these sleeves can be a bit tricky. There are a number of chambers which hold lube and cum quite well. You'll have to be sure to thoroughly run water through and use your fingers to clean them after use. Drying can be tricky as well due to the chambers. I recommend some kind of vertical hanging method for best results. The orifices on the SIAC models also tend to close up preventing air from freely moving throughout when your storing. Thus I recommend putting some kind of hallow tube, such as a straw, at the entrance to help air move throughout the sleeve when drying.

Overall, the situation with these two sleeves is excellent. If your smaller than 6", get the SIAC sleeve. If your larger than 6" get the FLG sleeve. Since the SIAC case is only 6" long, if you are longer, you will push through the end of the sleeve if you stroke the full length of your cock. This may be uncomfortable, but your mileage may vary. Personally, at 6" the SIAC sleeve fits me just right. Its tightness is excellent and as of today, brings me to orgasm quicker than any other sleeve I own (the STU used to do this, but I've trained long ). The FLG sleeve gets the job done as well but in a looser environment. Larger sized guys will be able to reach all the end chambers in this sleeve and I suspect will receive a similar treatment to the end chambers in the SIAC sleeve.

My scores below reflect how these textures work with MY cock. For me, the tightness of the SIAC sleeve produces a superior orgasm every time compared to the FLG, thus it gets a better score. However, if you are larger than 6", you will probably enjoy the FLG sleeve more than I do due to you reaching more of the chambers in the back, which are tighter and hopefully more pleasurable. The advice I said above I hope will provide you with an easy decision: smaller than 6", get the SIAC; larger than 6" get the FLG. Both really pound your cock head like you wouldn't imagine, and will probably make you orgasm quicker than any other texture available today.

Summary - SIAC Pink Lotus Lager:

Immediate Feedback - 10/10
Texture/Stimulation - 10/10
The Orgasm - 10/10
Lube Use - 4/5
Aftermath/Cleanup - 3/5
Overall - 10/10

Summary - FLG Lupe Fuentes:

Immediate Feedback - 7/10
Texture/Stimulation - 8/10
The Orgasm - 10/10
Lube Use - 4/5
Aftermath/Cleanup - 3/5
Overall - 8/10

Each FL is unique and requires a break-in period. I don't note that period in the review because I do a minimum of 5 FLights. Please be aware of any DGS (Death Grip Syndrome) you may have, or a break in period if you are new to the Fleshlight. I recommend at least 5 FLights for experienced FLyers and at least 10 or more for new users before you can really appreciate a texture.

I don't normally assess quality of the sleeve in my reviews as the quality changes somewhat depending on the product they use for manufacturing and the FL you receive. Should any abnormal quality issues arise, I will make note of it.

I don't focus on "realism" (to a real pussy) in my reviews as my primary concern is my orgasm. I don't think that its possible to create a "realistic" pussy with the current material. My primary goal when using the Fleshlight is to have a great orgasm, regardless of the realism of the sleeve.
I generally use the "Lady" orifice on sleeves, except sleeves that have a unique orifice.


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