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Sep 20, 2010

Flight Records: Love Humps Cause A Scream

Love Humps Cause a Scream

"I fingered this insert and was like "WOW!!!" and had to put it away until later. When I got to it, I lubed myself and put some good porn on. I stuck it in and the entrance was nice and tight and the beginning of the insert past the orifice was really nice."


I got this insert a few days ago and have had a few FLights in it.

6.5" long
5.5" girth
36 hours off masturbation
Gun Oil h2o lube
FLight time ~10-12 minutes
2 FLights total so far

The humps were pretty good, but I seemed to half-dip in and out (not full withdrawl) of the hump area. I could feel the humps, but not as good as I would have thought, but it felt pretty damn good.

It was good enough to make me feel great, but not enough to make me quick to climax. When I finally came, I decided to go balls deep in it. Fuck! I came so good in the humps, I screamed. Not many sleeves have made me scream with that much pleasure, not even my Vortex which was a close second! This thing did not seem like a lube hog to me as I did not refuel mid-flight.

Overall: 9/10

pleasure during FLight=8
feel of the humps at first=7
lube usage/conservancy=9
Orgasm in the humps at landing=10+ (seriously the best of all sleeves so far)

I think this is a great sleeve and I do recommend it, although I need more flight time under my belt in the machine. I think this overall has great potential of being a SR killer. Not as good as my Lia19, but then again, Lia19 has not made me literally scream-lol I wonder what my neighbors thought....lucky fucker?

Review By Steve-000

Ride The Love Humps

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