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Mar 06, 2012

Flight Records: Flight Early Impression

The first customer review of the NEW Flight by Fleshlight is in and it's by ChiRise of the Fleshlight Forums!  See what he has to think below. FLIGHT RECORDS: THE FLIGHT A REVIEW/EARLY IMPRESSION Although I've never posted in these forums, I have lurked them since I considered purchasing my first Fleshlight last winter. A little over a year ago you all helped me decide to get the Lupe Mini Lotus and later the STU. I've enjoyed these two sleeves immensely, but I was always wanting something a little better for me. What I mean is, I wanted something I could experience fully. I'd considered getting the Destroya (as everyone rants and raves about it), but the fact is I would only be able to utilize about half the texture. I considered SIAC's but I wanted a more extreme texture. Because of this, I frequently checked up on the forums to see if anything like that was coming down the line yet. When I heard about Flight in mid-January and that it was going to be compact and textured, I was suddenly on here everyday awaiting more information. Naturally, I ordered one first thing and I feel I owe it to all of you who have helped me make decisions before to be the first (other than Orlando) to tell you more. The newly released Flight appears to be a mixture of the Crystal, Barracuda, and Swallow textures. They are arranged in a very similar pattern to that of the Destroya texture as well as forum user fiend pointed out. Small bumps line the entrance after which you enter the chamber of large fingers. Following this there is a lotus type node followed by a row of "teeth" and then barracuda fingers. The texture ends with bumps and a ribbed canal very similar to the swallow. Although this sounds like a lot to feel I actually didn't notice very many of these textures early on in my first flight. What I could feel was when I pushed into the lotus node and barracuda fingers. It felt good, but nothing more intense than my STU. This continued for a few minutes before I had to reapply lube. It was mid-flight that the sensations from all the textures began growing more noticeable (judging from this experience and also a second, the break in period isn't very long on the Flight). The fingers began tugging, the crystal chamber suddenly became very noticeable. I imagine this had to do with the natural expansion that occurs the closer one gets to orgasm. Suddenly, I had arrived. I knew ILF had created the perfect sleeve for the average guy. Finally they have blessed the rest of us people under 6 inches the ability to experience an entire multi-textured sleeve. As I landed, the sensations were strong and far more intense than anything I've ever experienced with the STU. Hours later I went for a second flight and didn't even have the off period at the start. I felt it all from the get go. Not only has ILF created a great sleeve, but also an amazing case. It fits so much nicer in the hand, is easier to grip (due to the golf ball like texture Orlando pointed out in his review), is smaller for travel and storage, and simply looks nicer and less discreet. The case as a whole also feels much sturdier too. This is especially noticeable in regards to the end cap. It seals tighter than any of the other cases, giving great suction for those that like that. When loose, I didn't find the texture to be too tight and feel most men wouldn't have a problem with that. My biggest hesitation with the Flight was the weird looking jet engine orifice. After seeing it in person and using it though I realized this wasn't that bad and I think I get why they did it. There have been discussions in these forums about how a woman owning a vibrator is viewed as normal now but for some reason a man owning a fleshlight or other type of toy is still frowned upon. I think because of its look, Flight could be a big step toward changing that. Its no longer obnoxiously large, its got a sleek apple product looking exterior, and the sleeve itself is discreet by not being skin colored or having an identifiable orifice. On top of this, the inside feels amazing. ILF has potentially opened up a whole new market with this thing. Think about all the husbands that might be able to convince their wives to actually bring this thing into the bedroom now that it doesn't have a specific oriface or giant weird looking flashlight case. Having tried only the two other aforementioned textures, I'm not as well versed in the Fleshlight realm as some of you…that said, the Flight is now number one for me. The only other notes…because the sleeve is smaller, cleanup isn't too bad. It does however like to really use a nice amount of lube (more than either of the other textures I own at least). Summed up…If you are under six inches, get the Flight. I really doubt you will regret it. SHOP FLIGHT

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