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Sep 01, 2010

Flight Records: First Time On The Wonder Wave

A First Time FLyer Shares His Thoughts On The Wonder Wave

"This is my first experience with the FL Product and I may have some insight for individuals who don't own an FL and are on the fence regarding this product. After reading reviews for some time, I decided to choose the Fleshlight Wonderwave."


My wife and I have traveling jobs so we don't have time for each other like most married couples, which is where the FL came into play. I can say I have a mild case of death grip as the first few flights were OK, but things are improving with time so for those who are switching from their hand, there will be an adjustment process. As far as lube, I got Astroglide and for the WW, it seems to be a good consistancy for use with this sleeve.

After opening the package, I was amazed on how soft the sleeve was. Before I owned the product, I imagined the rubber to be a little more firm and not as flesh-like as it was, an assumption I could see many users making. Being married, my wife has had toys of her own for some time and seeing her stuff, I assumed the material was similar, however for those newbies, the material used to make the sleeve is a very soft, stretchy material and not like a dildo as a comparison, which uses a firmer, more rigid silicone-like material.

Anyway, I found the Wonderwave to be a good starter model for those with doubts as I was afraid the other more intense sleeves would be too intense. Owning the WW, I'm also happy I didn't choose the smooth insert as I had originally planned as I had underestimated the softness of the sleeve. The quality of this product is top notch and most other male products that work similarly are not of the same quality, part of what kept me on the fence so long. I saw another product in the past and the rubber sleeve was harder and I couldn't imagine using it as I imagined friction burns if I did.

I guess the only negative comment I would have is that for me, I should have picked a more intense sleeve as the WW is great, but I have to work for it to get to the edging stage, which is where I like to hang for a while.

By FLNYC of the Fleshlight Forums


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