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Nov 07, 2011

Flight Records: Blade

Master Fleshlight reviewer ThePowerHouse from the Fleshlight Forums reviews the Fleshlight Blade. You can also find more of his reviews HERE. In my review of Sword I begged ILF to not let that be a one-off deal and to please make more. Well, it looks like they knew a good thing when they saw it! Blade and Sword are extremely different in their texture design but both are nearly equal when it comes to how good they feel and this also holds true for their intensities. So, that is enough about comparisons, on to this thing’s review. Blade has a new feeling that isn’t captured by any other texture. The ridges lining the diameter-varying inside create a “grippy” new feeling, but it isn’t so much that you can’t stroke smoothly. Intensity builds continuously to the point where it has you slithering around from the feeling it applies to your head; it is just a tidal wave of continuous ecstasy. Some textures simply blow past this feeling and can require you to stop for a second or two, but Blade keeps you on that knife edge (sorry, I had to say it) all the way to the landing. The orgasm following this awesome ride is simply unbelievable; a true ball drainer. Blade is a true surprise to me; I did not expect the kind of delivery that ridged canal gives. Rest assured whether you get Blade or Sword, you are going to love it. Below is an excerpt from my Sword review regarding the case: “Now you can squeeze the case to increase the tightness! Not only does it increase the tightness, but there is something pleasing about actually being able to squeeze the case while you are going at it. The suction created by this new design is so much improved over the standard case. There is a plug at the back of the case that can be easily popped in and out of place when you want. Along with the plug there are four small pinholes around the back that allow some airflow with the plug in place…Now, I need to address some little aggravations with the new case. It is damn near impossible to get the sleeve back in the case after you have removed it. You have to act like you are going to throw it on the floor to cause the sleeve to fall further in the case. The only other thing to mention, but it isn’t really a con; it makes a lot of noise when you are using it. If you have the plug in place it hisses and whooshes, if it is removed then you get the usual squishing noise. With that aside, I really like being able to squeeze the new case especially when in the middle of an orgasm.” Get The Blade

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