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Jan 26, 2010

Fleshlight Video Roundup

When you do a search for "Fleshlight" on YouTube, you come across a lot of creative videos. From the humorous to the informative, there is a plethora of Fleshlight inspired videos to enjoy - these are some of them.

These muppets decided to make a Fleshlight commercial. Alien Tacos anyone?

A fellow named Skall reviews the Fleshlight. He even names it.

A soldier tells the story about a Flashlight that was actually something completely different. Fleshlights in Fallujah.

It's Alive! Frankenstein discovers the joys of a Fleshlight. Electric!

A music video that tells the story about a man and his Fleshlight. Oh, and it's in Swedish.

Don't you love Christmas miracles? He must live on 34th street.

Out of all the things I would put in a blender, a Fleshlight would be the last. Will it stand the blender durability test? That is some tough pussy.

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