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Jun 14, 2011

Fleshlight MacGyvers: Fan Dryer

MartZink on the Fleshlight Forums recently posted his MacGyver for a Fleshlight dryer. It looks pretty cool, so I thought I would feature it here on the blog for you guys. Just a warning: As we have never tried it, we do not endorse this method and please know doing so is at your own risk to yourself and your Fleshlight. All further instructions and pictures are from MartZink on the Fleshlight Forums. You will need following: Fan, small but strong Small round Container Pen/sharp object Knife/Melting iron Glue gun/sealant Put the container on top of the fan and measure out the hole to cut. Then take your pen or sharp thing and mark out where to cut the container to create a hole. Cut the hole, I used my Dremel for this and you will see why soon. This method is fast and I get good edges, I have not tried this with a knife, but that should work too. Now I have created a hole in my container. Put the fan on top or the container and check that the hole is ok and does not disturb the fan's airflow. Now use your glue gun or sealant and make an air tight seal around between the fan and container. This should be air tight to keep air preassure and get good results. Now plug this thing in to the computer or other energy source (not fire).  It should now be spinning. Congratulations! fap fap fap... you have now created a Fleshdryer! Click Here To See The Original Forum Thread

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