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Jan 04, 2010

Fleshlight Forum Members Go Texture Crazy

Recently we asked our Fleshlight addicts (Also known as forum members) for some of their ideas for new Fleshlight sleeve textures. As expected, the forum members came through with some of the most out of the box, wacky, and unique ideas - complete with MSPaint mock ups!

Let's take a look at some of the standouts.

The Cubis Texture ( By in_the_right )

Have you ever been told to not think with your little head? Well now you can throw that philosophy out the window! If in_the_right had his way, he would make a puzzle that only your hard penis could solve - a Fleshlight with a Cubis looking texture.

The Monster Texture ( By hungry )

According to hungry, the entry texture is made up of fat, squishy waves; the middle texture are suction cups and the final texture is a hyper-stimulating ticklish bush. If it was my description, I would say the entry texture is made up of intestines (full and occupied ones...); the middle texture are corn pads (they have always been sexy on a mature woman's feet) and the final texture are upside down ice cream cones. Seriously, who doesn't like an ice cream cone!

Probability of this ever becoming a texture: ZERO! (Very creative though, hungry)

The Aero Texture ( By yourself )

This texture is actually not too bad. How many times have you been on an inbound flight and have just got hard at the vision of those landing strip arrows? If yourself had his way, this would be his created texture of choice. At least this would eliminate anyone potentially trying to use the Fleshlight backwards. Now only if the arrows lit up....

Razor Wire Texture ( By in_the_right )

OK. Well why I'll admit that there is probably a small niche market of men that want to rub their dicks on some rusty razor wire ( me), this has to be the most out-of-the-box idea ever. I can only imagine walking up to the Fleshlight CEO Steve Shubin with a Fleshlight stuffed with some razor wire and trying to pitch it as the next great texture. The head on my shoulders would probably end up inside that Fleshlight.

Of course this texture idea was just a joke, but for a second I thought about how it would feel. A short second.

You can see more of these at the Fleshlight Forum. For textures that actually exist, head to

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