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Aug 30, 2012


There is no Fleshlight party. Sorry for the misleading title. Anyway, we sent famous musician Rob Patterson a Sukka Dry Fleshlight based off of burlesque dancer Masuimi Max's mouth and he tweeted the pic the other day! People always ask how to get free Fleshlight sex toys. Just be a musician, play with really cool bands and then say hello. What else is going on? Our Searchlight contest is consistently close. Kayden Kross and Alexis Texas continually shift back and forth in first place.  It's crazy! Punk rocker Ashypixia noir is in third but not by miles so there is still time to show her love with your votes (and if she wins you can show her even more love by using her Fleshlight sleeve...) Look at the 6 feet tall Fleshlight cases below (they haunt my dreams) that gauge the winners - you can barely tell who's winning.  That's how close it is!  At the time of this printing though, Kayden is ahead by only a few hundred.  How close is that? Well, for comparison, there's already been close to 37,000 votes.  Voting ends September 26th! What else is happening? Fleshlight Girl fan favorite jessica drake (lower case intentional) wrote about the clymidia scare in the porn industry. Stay sexy but also stay informed! Speaking of informed...after looking at the photo below of jessica, my penis has informed me that he is pleased with the choices my eyeballs have made. Last of all, our friends at Full Moon that we ran a Fleshlight Freaks contest with a few months back released pics of their new Puppet Master X models and they look amazing. Disclaimer: the new models are WWII-themed but fans of the puppet Master series know that the films always take the side of the good guys!  Click below to check them out. By the way, the Mayor of Porn is going to shut down this blog if we don't gain two new Twitter followers @Fleshlight in the next fourteen weeks.  I'll clear my desk...

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