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Mar 27, 2013

Farewell, Signature Sleeves

We are discontinuing all of our Fleshlight Girls signature texture sleeves. Say goodbye to Stoya Destroya; Bibi Jones BiHive, Jesse Jane Gaunlet, and all of our other Fleshlight Girls exclusive texture sleeves. Don't waste time! Stock up on your favorite Fleshlight Girls signature texture combos before it's too late! (While supplies last) Note: Once our stock is depleted, the Fleshlight Girls line of products will still be available, but only in the Lotus, Swallow, and Forbidden textures.   A farewell to the Fleshlight Girls' Signature Textures:   Stoya: Destroya Upon entry, three small rings of bumps will grasp you tightly, followed by the ultra piercing pleasure dome that will give you 360 degrees of unmatched bliss. The next chamber starts with a small row of teeth and fangs that delightfully rub and pull at you. Finally, one row of large bumps leads into a supper ribbed texture that narrows the farther you get inside.   Bibi Jones: Bi-Hive The Bi-Hive texture is a unique labyrinth designed to both stimulate and increase stamina for the user. Upon entering the sleeve your senses are raised by subtle resistance bristles that gently massage the user with 360 degrees of pleasure. A gentle ribbed passageway leads into a variable stimulation chamber with enhanced pleasure-points that increase sensation carrying the user to satisfying and breath-taking climax. Alexi Texas: Texas Tornado Get sucked in by Alexis' signature texture, the Texas Tornado. Featuring deep indentations throughout the twister-like canal, you'll leave your trail of destruction in her in no time. Teagan Presley: Love Humps Inspired by Teagans unstoppable ass, the Love Humps texture was designed as a hybrid between the lotus garden and the speed bump textures. The soft giant bumps every inch of you and the separation between each set of bumps creates a pocket feeling similar to the lotus node. Jenna Haze: Maze The winding maze will confuse your senses as you feel these alternating steps gently massage you from the top and bottom. As you press into the first wall and break through into the next, you'll see this texture feels unlike anything we've ever produced. Jesse Jane" Guantlet Upon entry, you're greeted first with the tight micro rib which then rubs you gently over the swallow ring. You'll burst into the intense lotus node next, and once through, you'll feel the fang texture massaging and pulling at you. Finally, for the ultimate intensity, the sleeve finishes into a blanket of STU bumps. Lisa Ann: Barracuda The Barracuda texture is a gripping battery of unmatched pleasure. As you enter the sleeve, you will start with a subtle resistance of front facing bristles. A thick passage-way then follows into a massaging grip-like feel as you are rubbed and tugged to relief. Kayden Cross: Bookworm With its twisting, bumpy pathway, this texture gives a whole new meaning to the term "tunnel of love". Inspired by Kaydens' passion for books, the Bookworms' sudden plot twists and dramatic flashbacks will captivate you as your story reaches an explosive climax. Burrow your way through these diagonal caves and allow yourself to experience a whole new side of literature. Katsuni: Lotus Garden From start o finish, this texture is all highly intense pleasure nodes - nine in all! This is the most unique and intense feeling texture we offer; it feels like nothing else you've ever tried. Asa Akira: Dragon Can YOU slay the Dragon? Enter a battle that only the mightiest sword can handle. With sharp ribs all throughout and a studded vortex of pleasure bands, you are guaranteed to breathe fire of joy. Tera Patrick: Twista The Twista is the signature texture for Tera Patrick. The Twista sleeve features a single ring that twists down the entire length of the sleeve. In addition, the texture gets tighter the deeper you thrust. Riley Steele: Nipple Alley Nipple Alley is based on the wildly popular speed bump texture with the added sensation of the tiny nipple-like dots on top of each the bumps. This added level of stimulation tickles you all the way up and down for an extra level of sensation. Misty Stone: Bump & Grind First you'll enter past the three rows of alternating speed bumps and ribs, then on to the grinding action of the vortex, another set of bumps, and then vortex again, and if you're still going, you've got one more soft set of larger bumps that will softly welcome you home with a nice hug. Tori Black: Torrid This is one dizzying array of dick tantalizing majesty. This super-textured combines ridges, bumps, rings, and chambers to create a sensation unlike anything we've ever produced. If you've been looking for a mind numbing orgasm, the Torrid is the answer. Jessica Drake: Heavenly Want to know what it's like to fly with an angel? Indulge your heavenly desires by diving into our most elegant and stimulating texture yet. Once you pump into this angelic collage of pleasure, there'll be no turning back. With beading, ribbing and insane winding all in one ride, you'll be soaring in no time.   Pick up one of these limited Fleshlight Girl textures before they're all gone!!!                

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