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Oct 05, 2009

Entering the Forbidden

With Jenna Haze's Fleshlight release comes a new texture called "Forbidden". Let's take a look at what you will be sticking your dick into, and why it is the most realistic anal experience, ever.

If you are familiar with Jenna Haze, you know that she is one of the top anal performers in porn. A true master of the craft, who else would you prefer to have anal sex with? OK, besides Angela Lansbury, sickos. Well, with the new Forbidden texture that Fleshlight has installed, you will be getting the most realistic anal experience you can ever have with a toy.

It starts on the outside.

Besides the exact replica of Jenna Haze's asshole, the outside of the Forbidden sleeve has as much functionality as the texture inside. Just like anal sex with a human, when you pump the Forbidden Jenna Fleshlight, you will feel the butt cheeks slam against your pelvis with every thrust. This feeling is created by the way the ends of the Fleshlight start to plump towards the ends. If you have had anal sex with a human before, you will recognize the feeling.

A truly realistic anal experience. One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind's penis.

If you have ever taken any sort of anatomy class in school, the inside of the Forbidden looks awfully familiar. Upon entering the tight anal opening, you will first feel a series of tightly spaced ribs in the sphincter. This is a pleasant way to start your journey. As you travel further in, you make your way into the rectum. This is where all the fun begins. Meant to mimic the feeling of anal sex, your pride and joy will stroke through wave chambers that tease and please you with every movement. All the while, the base of your penis will still be holding on for dear life with the tight entry sensations that you discovered when you first entered.

The Jenna Haze Ass Fleshlight launches October 5th. Will you dare to taste the Forbidden?

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