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Feb 18, 2014

Did Anyone Break Up in the Last Week?

In honor of Febuary and it's reputation for being the month with the highest reported breakups and highest Fleshlight sales of the year we decided to share some of the worst breakups courtesy of College Candy.
Breaking up is hard to do. Is there anything worse than getting broken up with by text or email? I didn’t think so until now. A note has to be the biggest insult (unless you done fucked up) because the person went to a place where they knew you would be but didn’t bother to confront you. It’s like when Berger left that post-it note for Carrie on Sex and The City. It’s infuriating. But one has to wonder is there a good way to breakup with someone, especially when your reasoning isn’t quite nice? There are some outrageous breakups on here such as billboards bought by scorned women and delicious cheesy bread sticks, the former to destroy a reputation, the latter to soften the blow. Breaking up is hard to do but there are certainly better ways to do it than others.  

And our personal favorite!

See? It could have been worse. Cheer up and look on the bright side... Fleshlight still has a 25% Off Sale!


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