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Nov 13, 2009

Congratulations to The Scientists

Congratulations to the The Scientists! He is the winner of the autographed Masuimi Max Succu Dry Vampire Fleshlight Contest. Click 'Read More' to read his Succu Dry story.

Part 1
Since I was in elementary school,8 or 9, I've had a thing for vampires. That was the only way I knew to describe it—a "thing." As I grew up, I learned words like "obsession," and later "fetish" Now in my early adulthood didn't I can't imagine I would have satisfied my fetish without the internet and now even Fleshlight has aided my fetish.
While surfing the web I came across the Fleshlight blog which looked to satisfy my fetish with its Succu Dry Fleshlight. I could almost see the white and black letter flash red and start to drip blood across the screen. This outfit manufactures a mouth that has actual fangs to put around your dick and I while I hadn’t taken the plunge and purchased the Fleshlight I could see Masuimi, the model, with the Fleshlight and she was well worth looking at. The pictures made her look pale with an oval face. She had jet black hair long and silky. Her eyes looked like black holes and balanced out her small and delicate nose. But it was her mouth that got my juices pumping, even pulled back into her characteristic predatory snarl, her lips looked full, moist and inviting. The thought of what she must look like smiling, the thought of what those lips must taste like, how they would feel on my neck, my chest, my cock, had consumed my imagination for hours if not days.
The contest turned out to be nothing much—a publicity stunt to draw traffic to the site. Entrants had to either comment on why they would love to have sex with a vampire, write a vampire short erotic story, or list their top five sexiest movie vampires. Most people seemed to take the easy way of listing their top five vampires but you could all but read the answers off Little did I know that my submission would help lead to fulfill my fantasy.
When I got the email telling me I’d won, I had nearly forgotten that I had entered and it took a few minutes to figure out what I had won. Now all I had to do was wait and I would have Masuimi’s sexy mouth wrapped around my cock with my imagination conjuring up images of myself dancing and drinking with, and finally fucking the brains out of the vampiric goth princess in a black PVC bustier, g-string, and thigh-high rubber boots with five-inch spiked heels
I worked retail before and knew to expect seven to ten business days later so all I had to do was wait. Mid November rolled around and I still hadn’t received my Fleshlight then one evening a knock came at my door. As I was lounging around on my computer it took me a while to get to the door but when I opened it I was VERY surprised by the site that met my eyes. Masuimi Max herself was delivering my Fleshlight.
Needless to say my jaw dropped wide open and a polite smile, came across Masuimi’s lips and held my attention. They were wide and shapely, the lower slightly fuller than the upper, giving her a sexy little pout, pierced by the slight tips of fangs.
"Hello, I'm the Sexual Scientist," I said forgetting my real name in my shock while trying not to stare. "You must be..."
"Masuimi's my professional name," she said, extending a handshake. Seeing the look of shock in my face she continued, “the contest was supposed to let you know I would be delivering your Fleshlight and taking you out to dinner.
I tossed on more appropriate clothes and we left for dinner. But as we sat in the car we seemed to almost instantly take to each other. And dinner out seemed to fly by as the gothic coffee shop we chose had been closed for almost an hour when we finally stood up and headed for the door. I let Masuimi walk in front of me to the door, which allowed me a little time to notice and enjoy her curvy little body. She had very shapely long legs, which ended in a cute little heart-shaped butt. Her hips swayed a bit when she walked, and after a few steps she must have felt me staring, because she stopped, wiggled her backside at me, and turned to look over her shoulder. "Enjoying yourself?" she asked.

Part 2
"Have you registered that with the police?" I responded, "You could foment civil unrest with that thing."
"Hmmm. How much did you pay for your copy of Impress the Vampire Babe by Improving Your Vocabulary?"
"Buck-and-a-half on Ebay," I shot back. "Is it working?"
I didn't get an answer to that one, but when we got outside, Masuimi stuck her hands in her pockets and shivered. "Want to give me a ride home?"
"Sure," I said, trying to keep the disappointment out of my voice. "You have an early day tomorrow?
"Weirdly enough, I've got tomorrow off." She turned to face me. "Look," she said, and she sounded a bit uncomfortable, "I'm really enjoying myself. I know it's late, but I don't want to say goodbye just yet. Is that OK?"
"Yeah," I said, relieved. "Me too, I mean, that's fine."
She put her arm around my waist then. "I'm freezing. How 'bout you?"
She leaned into me as we walked back to my car. Neither of us said anything; neither was inclined to break the mood. But as she directed me towards her place, the tension, half sexual and half social, which had been with us from very early in the evening, grew stronger. It wasn't entirely unpleasant, but it reminded me of how little we knew about one another, and of the bizarre set of circumstances that had led to our meeting. From the first, I'd found Masuimi attractive and desirable, and I hoped she felt the same way about me. I wanted her badly. And I was trying to come up with some way to put both desires across, when we arrived at her building: a row of townhouses on a short street, which ended in a small park. I parked on the street, and she led me to the unit on the end, opened the door, and led me into her place.
A short entryway opened up onto a pleasant living room, with a couch and a sliding rocker surrounding a coffee table, and facing a fireplace. She took my coat, hung it on a hook nest to her blazer, and offered me a drink. She seemed to be feeling some tension as well, and her description of the rest of the place—office, guest bedroom and master upstairs, kitchen, laundry room and half-bath down—rushed out of her on what sounded like one breath. We sat together on the couch, facing forward with a foot-an-a-half of material between us, sipping our wine. Neither of us spoke for a long moment. Finally, Masuimi put down her glass and turned to me.
"Can I ask you a question?"
"Ask away."
"You haven't mentioned my site once this evening, even though I am dressed to the nines. Why?"
I hesitated. Finally: "I wasn't sure if you wanted to talk about it. You haven't said anything about it either, you know. To tell you the truth, I'd decided not to bring it up before I got here. I wanted you to have a nice time and not feel like you had to, I don't know, gratify the curiosity of a fan, or something."
"Okay," she said, slowly, "I understand. I had a lovely time, by the way, but I'm curious. Are you a customer?"
"Not exactly," I replied. I wasn't sure I liked where this was going.
She smiled. "Do you like looking at the pictures? My pictures?"
I felt myself flushing. "Yeah," I said quietly. "That's right."
She moved a little closer to me. "It's okay. I'm not insulted or disgusted or anything. I kind of assumed the people who entered the contest would be more interested in me than in the products, although I didn't expect to meet a guy who looks and acts like you."
Smiling, she said, very softly: "So? How did you wind up on the site?"
Here it was. I'd thought up half-a-dozen little lies to avoid this very question. Little vampire web-perv? Uh-uh, not me. I couldn't come up with one of them, so I kissed her finger, and told her the truth.
"I have a, um, thing for vampires."
She pulled her finger from my lips, put her hands in her lap, and grinned at me. "A 'thing' for vampires?" She was almost giggling.
I sighed. I resisted the urge to swear. My dirty little secret had just torpedoed me. "Yup. That's right." was all I could find to say.

Part 3
But apparently I had it wrong. Masuimi crawled over to me and climbed onto my lap, put her arms around my neck, and wiggled her bottom a bit to get comfortable. She must have felt how hard I was becoming through my pants, because she looked down, and then gave me a mischievous grin. "Well," she said, as a matter-of-fact tone of voice, "I have a confession to make." Then she pulled me tight against her, and ran her tongue along the edge of my ear. As I gasped at the sudden sensation, I could feel the warmth of her breath, and I heard her sigh: "I have a 'thing' for vampires, too."
She nipped my ear, and then began kissing around towards my mouth. As she pressed up against me I could feel her full breasts through her bra as she crushed them against my chest. I barely had time to register her voluptuousness before her mouth found mine. She brushed her lips lightly against mine then kissed me harder. I opened my mouth beneath hers, found her lower lip, and bit gently. She growled and thrust her tongue into my mouth, forcing me teeth apart. Not to be denied, I nipped her tongue, too. She gave a little squeal, and pulled back to look at me.
"No fair, you bit me!" she said breathlessly, and pouted.
"Did my pictures turn you on?" she breathed, reaching down between her legs to stroke my erect cock through my cords.
"Oh God, yes. That feels so good," I moaned reaching between her thighs to press my hand against the heat of her crotch.
"Did they make your cock this hard? Did you jack off looking at me?" Her dirty talk combined with her stroking me had me seconds away from coming in my pants. I didn't want that to happen, so I grabbed her wrist and brought it to my lips. "Yeah," I rasped, kissing her wrist. "I did. I came like crazy looking at your..."
Masuimi looked startled for a second then with a mischivious grin she asked, "Want to play a game?"
"What kind of game did you have in mind?"
Matter-of-factly: "A kinky sex game."
"Sounds good to me." I breathed. I could feel myself getting hard again. "What're the rules?"
"We'll make them up as we go along. You've just got to decide one thing." She stood up and crooked a finger at me. I rose too, and she came to me, pressing her body into mine. She slipped her arms around my neck, ran her fingers through my hair, and then leaned into me and whispered, "Vampire or victim?"
My heart skipped a beat. "Victim," I said.
"Yeah," she sighed, and brushed her lips lightly against my throat. "Good."
Masuimi said she needed just a moment and led me upstairs and down the hall. As we got to the end door she slipped inside and said I must stay put. After what seemed like forever I heard her say come in, and I pushed the door open slowly. The light from dozens of candles showed me a king-sized bed against the middle of the far wall. Two small chests of drawers stood on either side of the bed, and a wardrobe stood against the far wall next to a door, closed most of the way, through which a bit more wavering candle light shone. "Masuimi?" I whispered.
She came out of the door by the wardrobe, backlit by more candles in what must have been the master bathroom. Her jet black hair flowed in untidy waves to her shoulders. In the candlelight I could really make out the mascara, some gray eye shadow, and blood red lipstick that had caught my attention when I first saw her that evening. Her corset was gone and in its place was a black lacy bra displayed the tops of her full, pale breasts. A garter belt held up black thigh-high stockings on her long shapely legs. She wore no panties, and a small neat triangle of hair drew my eyes down to the lips of her vagina, just visible in the candlelight. I stopped moving; just staring, not speaking. She was pleased with the effect she was having. Smiling, she began walking towards me, slowly.
"Say something." She pulled back her lips then to reveal her fangs. I swayed a little, but she continued: "I'm sure you have a tongue somewhere in that pretty mouth of yours. I haven't ripped it out yet."

Part 4
Without a word I started towards her, but just as I was reaching for her, she grabbed my by my lapels, swung me around and sat me down hard on the side of the bed. She straddled me then, grinding her naked pussy onto the cloth covering my engorged dick. Then she grabbed me by the back of my head, and forced my face into her breasts. My mouth found a nipple, and I began to kiss and suck. A very un-vampire-like squeak forced its way through her parted lips, and then she was growling and moaning as I licked and sucked, kissed and bit her soft, sweet globes. "That's it," she hissed, "Suck on them! Suck my big tits. Make me like it, and I may let you live for another couple of hours."
At this, my mind and body entered completely into our fantasy. If fucking this cruel, beautiful vampire was to be my last living act, I'd make her remember me. I grabbed a handful of breast, squeezed until the nipple jutted towards my mouth, and bit her hard. She screamed, pulled her bruised tit from my mouth, and slapped me hard across the face. I fell back onto the bed, and before I could push myself up, she was on me, hands pinning my arms, her wet, red mouth inches from my face.
Masuimi grabbed the collar of my shirt, and pulled. Several buttons popped off as the shirt tore open. She bent her head to lick and suckle me in turn. Her loose hair tickled my chest and stomach as she kissed around my torso, stopping just below my left nipple. I felt her lift her head then, and I looked down at her. She bared her fangs, letting me know exactly what she was about to do, and then bit me as hard as I'd bitten her. I felt a quick, hot stab of pain, and then her lips closed around her teeth and she began licking and sucking, making little wet sounds as if she was actually drinking my blood.
She reached down and began to unbuckle my belt. "Give a girl a taste of something hot and wet and sticky," she had my pants around my ankles by this time, and was reaching under the waist of my briefs, "and she just gets thirsty for more." She grasped my cock gently in her fist, and I could almost feel it pulsing against the warmth of her hand. She knelt in front of me, stuck out her tongue and licked me lightly from the base of my balls to the tip of my shaft. I groaned, and she purred: "Mmmm, why don't you watch me Succu Dry."
Some tiny part of my mind wondered how she would manage a blowjob with her fangs in. She licked me like a lollypop then, pressed her fangs gently against my shaft when she felt my attention was wandering. Masuimi obviously loved being watched. When she was certain she had my undivided attention she opened her mouth, and, with a little growl, took the head of my cock into her mouth. I thought I'd black out from the pleasure. She moved her head forward, letting her throat relax around my entire length, pulled back slowly, and then engulfed me again. I was amazed that I hadn't come yet, but I knew I couldn't hold out for long. As she deep-throated me I realized the Fleshlight was designed to matched her exactly, the teeth, the lips, I even felt what I thought was little pricks along my cock from her throat. My breath became audible: high panting moan after moan. I felt my cock swell, and then I was coming and coming, shooting jet after jet of thick hot cream into her eager mouth.
"That was delicious," she whispered, "but there had better be more where that came from. I'd prefer to fuck you with this" tightening her grip on my now-swelling cock, "attached to your body, but I'm willing to try it the other way. Now don't move. I'll be right back."
She disappeared for a few seconds, and I heard the bathroom door shut. I lay on my back staring at the ceiling, without a thought in my head, my entire being given over to pure sensation. I don't know how long she was gone—not long—but the next thing I remember, my eyes opened and I was in my bed. My Fleshlight Succu Dry beside me.
Was it a dream, was it real, I didn’t care I knew that even without Masuimi there my Fleshlight would satisfy that craving for vampire lust from now on.

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