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Mar 26, 2010

Comedian Brad Williams On Sex and Fleshlight

Comedian Brad Williams likes to see the funny things in life. After a big break opening up for Carlos Mencia, stints on Comedy Central, and a solid touring schedule, Brad Williams is not short on talent. He would even laugh at that poor attempt of a joke. That's how awesome he is.

We talked with Brad about his comedy, fucking giants, fucking dwarves half his size, male masturbation and the Fleshlight.

You got your break in comedy opening up for Carlos Mencia on the Mind of Mencia tours. Before that, how much comedy experience did you have?
When Mencia saw me do stand-up for the first time I had been doing comedy for a little more than a year. After he saw me he had me come on the road as his opening act. I got very lucky. Most guys have to be in the business 3-4 years before getting a break like that. But they say luck is skill meeting opportunity and well I took full advantage of my opportunity.

Do comedians on the road have groupies like rock n’ roll bands?
Yes comedians do have groupies but they sure aren't like rock groupies. We might have a go-to girl in certain cities. But we certainly don't have the mass groupie appeal that rock bands have or to be honest the quality. A lot of times on the road you get lonely and you just want a body next to you, even if that body has let itself go.

What’s it like having sex with a woman TWICE your size?
I love having sex with tall women. It just gives me a sense of accomplishment like I conquered something. A lot of dwarf men will never have sex with a taller woman. So some will ask me "what's it like?" and I get to play mythical story teller. I can't do a lot of positions with a taller woman but it’s always a rush.

What's it like having sex with a woman HALF your size?
I have had sex with a much smaller woman and to tell you the truth I did not like it that much. Now my girlfriend is a dwarf and she is about my height and that sex is awesome, but the one time I was with a MUCH shorter woman it wasn't that great. I felt like I was hurting her, and I think I did.

When you think of the term “Male Sex Toy”, what comes to mind?
When I think of the term "Male Sex Toy" I just think of a hole. That's all men need is a hole. Women don't understand this but if there is a hole in your house ladies, your man has tried to have sex with it. We will honestly stick our dick in anything with depth. It doesn't need to be soft. Every guy at some point in his life has stuck his dick up the bath faucet for shits and giggles.

We recently sent you some of our Sex in a Can line. What were your first impressions?
When I received my Sex in a Can, my first impression was laughter. Then I thought, man this would be great for truckers. You know they drive all the time by themselves. They sit up high so no one can see what’s going on down there. Just grab a sex in a can and WE GOT OURSELVES A CONVOY!

Did you get a chance to try one out? What were your thoughts?
I actually didn't try one unfortunately. I got them around Christmas time and I gave them all out as gag gifts. But I know for a FACT that 4 out of the 5 people I gave them to have used them and continue to use them so obviously the thing works.

Can you see how a Fleshlight could be better than your hand?
It is obviously better than your hand unless you have the hand of a 2 year old girl. And even if you did, that's fucking creepy. Men's hands have hair, tough muscles. They have been worked. If you don't use lube it’s like jerking off on a cheese grater.

If you showed the Sex in a Cans to your friends, what do you think they would say?
I showed them to my friends and yeah they all laugh but then you see them get that look in their eye of "I think I want to try that."

Do you suspect any of your friends of being a closet Fleshlight owner?
I know some of my friends own it because I gave it to them. Two have been honest with me that they use it and they like it.

What do you have coming up comedy wise?
What I got coming up is constant touring. You can check my dates out at or visit any of my social sites or I'm also the voice of a Beagle in an upcoming film called "Marmaduke" and you can hear me a lot on Playboy Radio.

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