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Apr 23, 2013

Chief Pornography Identification Officer Needed in Beijing

Do you have a degree? Do you know about porn? This might be the best news you hear all year.

The job market can often be a cruel, cruel mistress; spitting out some of the worst jobs imaginable and then expecting us to greedily accept these morsels of egregious labour with gratitude. This job however, is not one of those jobs, in fact this job may well be the best job in the world. Chinese internet security firm Anquan Lianmeng are aiming “to be a neutral and impartial third-party organization, establishing industry standards for internet safety, improving China’s internet usage environment [and] protecting netizens’ internet rights and interests.” In order to achieve this lofty goal an opening has arisen for a chief pornography identification officer in their Beijing offices. There are no surprises or hidden catches here, this job literally involves trawling the web for pornography and, upon the inevitable discovery of adult material, categorising the content to ‘better protect’ China’s web surfers and create a standard with which to judge obscenity by. Of course this means only the most thorough and diligent of researchers need apply. You’ll be rewarded handsomely for your efforts too, the starting salary is equivalent to around £21,000 but the fun doesn’t stop there, you’ll also receive a free yearly physical check up (most likely to check for carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist sprains), presents for you and your family on birthdays, free transport and free fruit and yoghurt while at work. Better get your CV in quick though, at last check the microblog containing the job listing on has been shared over 120,000 times, as surprisingly the internet seems to be full of qualified applicants. Still, if you think you have the mental and physical fortitude for such a demanding role then by all means apply. One word of advice though; make sure to do plenty of ‘research’ before the interview, you wouldn’t want to go in unprepared after all… - Planet Ivy

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