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Mar 25, 2010

Bust A Headache By Busting A Nut

The headache is the oldest excuse ever used by women for denying you sex. Whether it be that you just don't look that attractive covered in sauce after eating 20 wings, you left the bathroom smelling like a death camp, or she just plain is not feeling it, the headache is the most common excuse used.

You want sex, you want it tonight, and you've abused the shit out of your Fleshlight already. Well how would you like to call out that bitch with some super headache knowledge? Knowledge that says sex is a better headache reliever than even some prescription drugs!

Read on.

You read that right. A headache can be sometimes almost instantly cured by having sex.

The science behind it is all due to physiological processes. When a woman climaxes, it turns off the other process that is signaling the headache.

According to James Couch of the Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, of the women who tried sex with a migraine, 61 percent reported relief. Great results considering migraine drugs 'Triptans' only soothed 60 percent.

What was most interesting about these findings is that Couch found that sex could sometimes completely stop a migraine dead in its tracks. This means that your throbbing boner spreads healing strength faster than the time it takes a pill do distribute and work.

So the next time a woman gives you the old "I have a headache" line, fuck the pain out of her.

Fleshlights don't get headaches, but love your cure. Give a dose to one today.

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