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Dec 07, 2012

Banged Again!

Lots to discuss today, Fleshlight lovers. We've already gotten tons of entries for the win-a-date contest we're running.  It's oddly heart-warming to read people's emails as to why they would like to go on a date with an adult film-actress.  Quite a few people are in love with Lisa Anna and Alexis Texas. Understandably - they're both sweat hearts! Did you know Lisa Ann was just named by Google as one of 2012's top 50 most searched-for women on the internet? That makes her the only actively performing porn star that made it on the list! Holy balls! I'm not putting up the link to this article in order to participate in a meta form of commentary - you'll have to Google it. By the way, you can read all about the win-a-date contest here. You can also not read anything and simply look at this nude pic of Lisa with her butt Fleshlight: Other news? You may recall here that our pals at Bang Bros asked us for our new, hot-ticket item: the Fleshlight shower mount.  Well we sent them a shower mount (along with Jenna Haze's mouth.)  In return, they HOOKED US UP WITH SOME SICK SHOTGLASSES. I hope customer service (that helped get Bang Bros the shower mount so quickly) doesn't kill me - I had to give these out to the developers and designers who put up with me to create all the win-a-date graphics... Have a nice weekend. if you're anything like me, you'll be spending it with Asa Akira's mouth.  Funfact: Asa is co-hosting the AVN adult industry awards this coming January with Jesse Jane. Win! And if you're anything like the notorious Mayor Of Porn (pictured below), you'll be spending your weekend pouring vats of hot gold onto people that have wronged you.  Because, as the Mayor says, "revenge is a dish best served gold." Follow us on twitter @Fleshlight or check out our Instagram account! Additionally, we are on Facebook if you prefer your adult sex-toy news to be PG-13. We're everywhere!  We're even in your house right now. I like your shirt.

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