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Dec 17, 2013

Are You Drunk?

A U.K. consumer study shows that the second most-bought item by drunken shoppers is a sex toy.

The results are drawn from The International Online Shopping Survey 2013, which for the first time included 1,000 responses from consumers in both Russia and Germany, in addition to 1,000 in the U.K. The survey was commissioned by Hermes. Clothes were the No. 1 item on shopping lists after a night out, while sex toys and novelties ranked second in the U.K. Purchases of sex toys in Germany and Russia ranked only fourth and sixth respectively, with computer equipment, phones, jewelry and books positioned higher. When asked about top purchasing mistakes when boozed up, shoppers said that overpaying was the most common error. Ordering the wrong quantity or size ranked No. 2 while buying impractical items came in at No. 3. Erratic online bidding and forgetting about a purchase until it was delivered also made the list. “It is important for people to be careful when shopping online after a few drinks," said Gary Winter, sales and marketing director for Hermes. "Our couriers have reported back countless times that they handed over parcels to customers who had no idea what the product was, or even where it was ordered from.” -XBIZ
So don't be this guy! Sober up before you do your shopping.

How many of you have been intoxicated when buying a Fleshlight?
We wanna know!

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