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Sep 29, 2010

Alien Fleshlight Release Central

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The Alien Fleshlight Review

The long awaited return of the Alien has arrived! Housed in a blue case, the pearlescent blue Alien sleeve features a texture definitely not of this planet. With a canal featuring three different elements working together in unison, the new Alien is sure to abduct even the most prudish of entrants.

When I first got the new species in my hands I could only imagine the jealousy the poor guys on the Fleshlight Forums would feel if they knew what I had in my possession. It is like gold amongst the Fleshlight loyal, a true holy grail of male masturbation.

I usually don’t mention looks too much in my reviews however with the Alien the cosmetics can’t be ignored. This Fleshlight is a true work of art. Nowhere else will you see such detail of Alien genitalia, featuring two clits waiting to be pounded. The SuperSkin material in pearlescent blue is another site to behold. It is almost so beautiful that it could be legitimately used as art in any sci-fi collection display.

After finishing all the admiration with my eyes, it was time to get admiring with my very much erect penis. You see, I have a thing for aliens. I’m the one guy who wishes he would be abducted and taken away into the deep space. Add getting to fuck something no other human could fuck and I can say I truly lived.
As soon as you begin to penetrate the alien you will initially notice the different feel of the orifice from any other Fleshlight. You will feel the slight ridges of the Alien vagina as you enter into a not so tight hole into the unknown. Being so used to tight entrances, this feeling was very much welcome and appealing to me.

Once you step in from the outside you will enter something that you can’t find on any other Fleshlight. Almost a variant of a Vortex, the slightly twirled tubes of SuperSkin welcome you with a gentle massage. The key to this area of the texture isn’t to punish your penis, but to relax it letting you know that this Fleshlight definitely comes in peace.

Then the famous Lotus Node arrives. You’ve seen (and felt) the Lotus node on all the Lotus Fleshlight Girls models, notably Katsuni’s Lotus Garden (which is a plethora of nodes). The Lotus Node is meant to mimic the feeling of brushing past a female’s cervix. It is almost like going through a gate, if you will. Very popular, the node gives a unique popping sensation letting you know that you are in the deepest of deep. Just because you pass doesn’t mean you don’t feel. You will continually feel the node with every stroke as it tries to hold you as you torture its tight squeeze.

Congratulations! If you have made it past the Lotus Node you are now in the next dimension. In this part of the canal your head and upper shaft will be pounded and probed to a heavy degree by the very stimulating bumps of the STU. Wide, thick, and pronounced, the bumps will massage away at your most sensitive area resulting in a knee buckling orgasm.

The orgasm you get with the Alien is similar to that of Fleshlight’s other multi-textured sleeves. Because there are so many feelings going on at different parts of the sleeve, you will be in for an intense ride during climax. There is no doubt that you will get vocal if you try to stroke through climax.

Get Abducted. Shop the Alien Fleshlight!

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