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Mar 05, 2012

A Flight Review

Now that I have had the new Flight by Fleshlight for a good week, I thought it would be a great time for a review and some tips and tricks.  Reading through the Fleshlight Forums, many were intrigued, many had some concerns, and some are already patiently waiting for their purchased Flight to arrive at their doorstep.   Below are my thoughts of use with a couple of days of Flight. The case for Flight is really different in feel and feature than it's older brother.  First off, the case is significantly smaller.  If you are the owner of one of our Sex in Can series products, it is roughly the same length and the plastic opening for the sleeve is generally close to the size as well.  The main differences you will find are the textured sides and decrease in diameter as you work your way up to the top of the product.  Pair that with a discreet, yet stylish clear sleeve with an unpredictable ride of a texture and I think we have a first class winner.


First off, looks wise this case is sleek and modern looking.  I feel like this is something that is more in-line with the Apple company's look on design.  I really think I would be less embarrassed if someone I didn't want to know I used sex toys saw the Flight rather than the standard Fleshlight.  For me, the clear sleeve with turbine engine orifice also contributes to the discreet factor.  I'd rather someone see that than a big pink lady part if I was concerned at any moment.  The Flight is perfect for travel especially. It will fit perfectly in your suit case and more than likely fly by security.
FUNCTIONALITY The very first thing I noticed when I used the Flight for the first time was that the angled end allowed me to comfortably place a finger on top of the end cap.  This provided better control for angle and pressure.  It also helped with hand fatigue for my sometimes claw-like pain from years of computer and guitar playing. The golf ball-like texture on the case also helps with grip.  One problem I sometimes saw with Sex in a Can products is that if you get lube on that stickered outside, things could get a little slippery.  With the dimples on the case, you are going to have a nice grip whether or not you got lube on it.  Now I know some Fleshlight Forum members were concerned with the ability to put down the Flight during use due to the angled end. Well, I found a very simple solution to that problem as seen in the image below.  Just place the Flight into the top cap, works like a charm and is actually more stable than attempting to balance a small squared end. You can't do this with normal sized Fleshlight sex toys. Now let's look at the sleeve.  When you look at the orifice, you will see turbine engine like edges.  I know the first thing I wanted to do was attempt to spin the Flight to take advantage of those blades.  That thought proved to be money. You can really feel those turbine blades if you roll the Flight around yourself.  The outside is fun, but there is even more joy inside.  What I really like about this texture is how it appears like it's going to be a smooth fight, yet you get a few bumps here and there.  I suggest not using this product with any type of other stimulation. Focus on the feelings.  When you are reaching your, ehem... altitude, all those knobs really come alive.  If this was a real flight, all the turbulence you feel would cause a real crash.  One of the best parts about the texture is due to the size of the case. Unlike it's larger counterpart, most men are going to be able to fully enjoy the full texture no matter your size.  Throw in a little snugness and you are golden.


I am probably one of the few that has tried almost every single Fleshlight product.  The Flight has definitely moved into position one for me.  I just can't argue with how well the product fits in my hands, how light it is, and how well it stores.  I still have my favorites in the standard lineup, but I feel like the new Flight will be my go to for a while.

Take Flight

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