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Dec 23, 2009

A Fleshtivus For The Rest of Us

It's a Fleshtivus for the rest of us. As the holidays make their way again to our calendars, so does our time with family and friends. For the Fleshlight enabled, this can create a tough stretch of days that you cannot openly enjoy your Fleshlight due to the company around.

So marks December 23rd. The new Official Holiday of Fleshtivus: The last day before the holidays that you can openly use your Fleshlight.

Read More and Comment with your Fleshtivus Tradition ideas and win a special Fleshlight gift!

As 2009 marks the first Official Holiday of Fleshtivus, it is important that we come up with some great traditions. Comment with some Fleshtivus Tradition ideas and win a special Fleshlight gift! Remember, this is the last time you can openly use your Fleshlight before the holidays are done...make the traditions worth your while!

We will start it off.

Tradition #1: Stick all your FleshlightGirls in a line in between your mattress and enjoy a Fleshtivus orgy.

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