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Why buy a Fleshlight®?


Buying your first male masturbation aid? This is a must read.

When Steve Shubin first set out to invent the Fleshlight®, he was driven by one of man's core needs - sexual pleasure. His quest led him to define some core requirements for the product.

Fleshlight® was designed to:

  1. Simulate the feel of real sex.
  2. Be fully body-safe, and safe to use over and over again.
  3. Provide variety - men are going to want to experiment!
  4. Be very easy to clean and durable.
  5. Be discreet and portable.

Fleshlight's Key Engineering Innovations

Evidence that Fleshlights are engineered with these goals in mind lies in the patents held by the company and how they contribute to the product being the best male masturbator on the market.

  • Fleshlights patented, life-like SuperSkin™ material

    1. Patented Superskin™ MaterialThe key to "simulating the feel of real sex" is simulating the feel of real skin in a body-safe way.

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  • Fleshlights patented channeled design accommodates repeated insertion

    2. Patented "channeled" sleeve designChanneled sleeve stretches in order to accommodate the repeated displacement of your girth.

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  • Fleshlights patented adjustable venting & suction control

    3. Patented "Venting & Suction Control"Adjustable venting control prevents the build-up of potentially harmful internal air pressure & allows you to dial-in the "right" amount of suction for you, preventing skin breakdown and soreness.

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  • Fleshlight is extremely easy to clean

    4. Easy to clean, durable & discreetWith simple care and maintenance your Fleshlight can last you years! It can also be discreetly transported or stored.

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  • Fleshlight offers a variety of accessories to enhance your experience

    5. Accessories to enhance your experience!Besides numerous internal textures, you can add variety to your experience with our quality add-on accessories that provide vibration, allow you to go "hands-free" or add virtual reality.

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Fleshlight Flight® is our most stylish and discreet product

Do we think you should buy a Fleshlight®? You're damn right! If you're still considering purchasing a competing male sex toy, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Which one feels the most like actual sex, so I can train with it?
  2. If I use it repeatedly, will it leave me sore?
  3. Is it fully "body-safe," or could it cause skin irritation or possibly have longer-term negative side effects?
  4. Is the competing product designed to last for years of pleasure and address the engineering considerations Fleshlight has (e.g. displacement, pressure build-up and suction)?
  5. Is this competing masturbator designed and made in USA to only the highest standards of quality?

Don't take our word for it! Customer Reviews.

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Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Fleshlight Pink Lady® Original Fleshlight Flight Pilot Fleshlight Vibro Pink Lady Fleshlight Ice

Practice Makes Perfect!

What our fans say:

After only 3 weeks of use I can now last 20 minutes...I recommend the Fleshlight STU 100%.

I want to start out by saying WOW! Just tried the original about an hour ago and it was freakin awesome.

Oh my god this thing feels soo good.

The first impression was, "Man, this feels just like an STU but more like the real thing - pulling on me as I pulled out and sucking me back in. It felt so good! The Vibro beats my other Fleshlight sleeves any day!

Get the Ice Crystal. It's transparent so both of you guys can see what is going on, the texture is pretty good, and the stickiness actually isn't much of a problem.

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