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Vibro Pink Lady

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Vibro Pink Lady - Touch

Touch: The Fleshlight Vibro™ is the next generation of the best selling male sex toy in the world. With our exclusive Touch texture designed to transfer the vibrations to each of the concentric fingers along the length of the shaft, the intensity and pleasure of this sensation is unrivaled.

The Fleshlight Vibro comes with 3 vibrating bullets than can be inserted into the secure bullet pockets which are located on the back face of the sleeve. Place up to three bullets into the sleeve for the desired amount of stimulation. For your convenience , also included with the Fleshlight Vibro is an additional battery pack which extends use up to 3 hours.

What Comes With This Product?

  • Fleshlight Vibro Sleeve with Touch Texture and Lady orifice.
  • Gunmetal Fleshlight Vibro Case.
  • 3 Fleshlight Bullets. (Batteries Included)
  • 1 10-Pack of extra batteries.
  • Sample Lube Pillow-Pack. (good for one use)

Secure Bullet Pockets

3 Fleshlight Bullets

Extra Batteries

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Customer Reviews

I purchased the vibro cyclone at my local sex shop. And i have got to say it was the best purchase of my life. I'm 22yrs old, married, and have a kid. We both work rough schedules and we dont see eachother that often. I was hesitant about purchasing a male sex toy with me being married but my wife o... More
Posted by VAstud on 12/23/2010

I recently purchased the VPL-T and I could't believe the orgasm I had! I haven't had one like that for a long time! I highly reccomend this one, I have others and they are all great. One thing about the sleeves is that they are so soft you don't need as much lube as you think. I found that a little ... More
Posted by vince on 09/08/2010

This is the first Fleshlight I bought. I am very pleased with how this thing performs, it really does stand up to the claims. The first step, soak it in warms water really does make a difference, it looses the material a tad and it really does retain warmth afterwards. When it comes to lube you need... More
Posted by Jordan on 07/30/2010

I just received the Vibro Glow ice FL and all I can say is it is incredible!!! I have used it twice tonight and both times the earth moved!! If you are considering buying one of these, believe me it is worth every penny. I liked the idea so much that I ordered the Vibro Pink Lady Touch as well an... More
Posted by FLDude on 03/03/2010

This is my first FL purchase. Admitedly, at first, I was quite apprehensive about even buying one. I work in the Adult Entertainment Industry as a manager of a gentlemens club and we recently started selling Fleshlights. I mulled over getting one for al least 2 weeks before purchasing this one. ... More
Posted by Kevin on 02/05/2010

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