Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

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Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

(129 customer reviews)

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit (STU)

Last Longer - with Practice

  • #1 Best Selling Model
  • Safely Train to Improve Sexual Performance and Last Longer
  • Sleeve Texture Designed to Replicate Actual Intercourse
  • High-Quality, Patented SuperSkin™ Material Made in the USA
  • Sleeve is Non-Toxic and Phthalate-Free
  • Patented Case Design Creates Variable Suction with Simple End Cap Adjustment
  • Easy to Prepare and Clean; Long Lasting, Durable Construction
  • Full Unit Measures 10" Long and 4" in Diameter

Enhance Your Sexual Prowess

Stamina Training GuideThe key to lasting longer in bed and becoming the lover that every girl dreams about is not a cream, not a pill, and not a potion... Its PRACTICE. The Fleshlight STU™ (Stamina Training Unit) masturbation product is a sex toy for men specifically designed to replicate the incredible sensation of sexual intercourse in order to help you find your rhythm and obtain peak sexual performance. With our patented SuperSkin™ masturbation sleeve and a specially designed inner texture the STU provides the most intense and pleasurable training experience possible. Just follow the Sexual Stamina training routines in our exclusive e-booklet (included FREE with purchase) and you will have all the tools necessary to have total control over your ejaculation.Stamina Training Guide

When you masturbate using the Fleshlight STU, not only will you be improving your sexual stamina and techniques, you'll experience the intense orgasms that can only be achieved by using Fleshlight sex toys for men. If you can last 10 minutes in the STU, you can last 20 minutes in bed with anyone. The Fleshlight Pink Lady STU comes complete with the exclusive Gold Fleshlight Case.

Included FREE with every purchase is the STU field manual. With this online guide, you can hone the skills of brinksmanship, practice psychological diversions, even improve and explore different rhythms and methods of penetration all with a sex toy that is so realistic that the transition will be seamless. (Be sure to check your order confirmation email for the download link.)

Patented Fleshlight Case Design

Open Fleshlight CaseYour purchase includes an exclusive Gold Fleshlight case fashioned after a standard flashlight. The sleeve can be easily removed from its case for easy cleaning after use. Your Fleshlight case is perfect for storing your sex toy as discreetly as possible.

Fleshlight End Cap AdjustmentOur patented product design allows the sleeve to stretch and press against the case during use, maintaining proper pressure and resistance throughout your "flight."

We've added several "vents" that are built into the threads on the smaller end of the Fleshlight case. Tightening or loosening the end cap allows you to control the amount of suction enjoyed during use.

If you're concerned about noise or disturbing roommates or family in the next room, you can loosen the end cap to its fully open position and masturbate quietly with minimal amounts of suction.

Our Fleshlight Cases are compatible with most Fleshlight Sleeves making it easy for you to expand your collection by sampling a wide variety of sleeves with various designs and textures without having to purchase a new case each time. However, storing your Fleshlight Sleeve in a corresponding case is highly recommended in order to keep your sleeve in the best possible condition.

How to Use Your Fleshlight Product

  1. Whether your sleeve is shipped inside of its case or in a separate clamshell, before use inspect the inside of the sleeve for a shipping rod. Not all sleeves include a shipping rod, but if it's there you MUST remove it before use. The shipping rod keeps the sleeve from shifting inside the case or packaging while in transit.Rinse Sleeve in Warm Water

  2. Rinse your Fleshlight sleeve in warm water before use. Soaking it in the sink for a few minutes works best. PROTIP: A warm sleeve is far more enjoyable than a cold or room temperature sleeve.

  3. Place your sleeve back into the Fleshlight Case.

  4. Thoroughly lubricate yourself and the inside of your Fleshlight Sleeve with any water-based lubricant. We recommend our Fleshlube Water as it was specifically designed for use with Fleshlight products. IMPORTANT: You must use a water-based lubricant when enjoy your Fleshlight Sleeve. Silicone or oil-based lubricants will destroy your SuperSkin sleeve and must never be used.

  5. Adjust the end cap in order to control the amount of suction that is created inside of your Fleshlight product during use.

  6. Masturbate until climax (this is the good part).Fleshlube Water

  7. Once finished, simply rinse both your Fleshlight Sleeve and case in warm water. Use our Fleshwash to disinfect and thoroughly clean the Fleshlight Sleeve.

  8. Shake off excess water and allow the sleeve and case to dry.

  9. PROTIP: Lightly powder your sleeve with Fleshlight Renewing Powder to keep your sleeve soft and smooth to the touch.

  10. Once dried and powdered, place the Fleshlight sleeve back into its case and store until next time!

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Customer Reviews

OH MY GOD! That about sums it up. My first sex toy and I'm glad I bought this one. Barely lasted 5 minutes. The feeling is amazing and am VERY impressed!

I was skeptical about any of the fleshlights, even after reading everyone's reviews. Man oh man did I learn a few things. One of the best investments. Ever.
Posted by Holycrap on 02/20/2009

Just got my STU in the mail today...it is amazing. Used it three times today. It feels so good. Every guy should have this. Will buy more at a later time.
Posted by Paul on 02/18/2009

This device has helped me become more aware of what I'm capable of. The STU is the best investment I have ever made. Thank you, ILF.inc.
Posted by stltcom on 02/15/2009

My wife bought me one for Valentines day. She got all dressed up in a wig and sunglasses, had the video cam set up, had me undress and sit in the love seat. I thought I was going to get a blow job. But then she handed me the fleshlight and some lube. And told me she was just going to watch and ta... More
Posted by WOWIE on 02/14/2009

this thing... wow... i got mine in today.. and i could hardly last for 5 minutes... its amazing... its so realistic.. of course, nothing will compare to the real actualy thing.. but this... is as close to the real thing as youl ever get.. awesome product!
Posted by noRMoggie on 02/11/2009

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