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Sex In A Can 3-Pack

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Sex In A Can™ - 3 Pack

Nothing satisfies like a warm Sex in a Can, and with distinct flavors, each with unique orifice and texture, why not take home all three?

The Sex in a Can Three Pack Comes with a O'Doyle's Stout, Sukit Draft, and Lady Lager.

What Comes With This Product?

  • Pink Lady Sex In A Can Sleeve & Case (Mini FLG Lotus Texture).
  • Pink Mouth Sex In A Can Sleeve & Case (Mini Swallow Texture).
  • Pink Butt Sex In A Can Sleeve & Case (Mini Forbidden Texture).
  • Sample Lube Pillow Pack (good for 1 use)

Lady Lager Orifice

Sukit Draft Orifice

O'Doyle's Stout Orifice

Mini-Lotus Texture

Mini-Swallow Texture

Mini-Forbidden Texture

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Customer Reviews

Bought all three cause I wanted some variety every now and then. Plus I got a free alien insert with it.

Going to have to agree with Smokey on this in that the Sukit can is definitely my favorite as well. It has the best feeling to it overall. Lady Lager is pretty decent. It's definitely a good f... More
Posted by Curtis on 11/30/2013

This is a great deal if you want to try out each texture like I did!

1st on my list is the O'Doyles Stout. It is the tightest of the cans and with the lid screwed shut you can walk around with the can suctioned onto your erect penis. I will also stay on if your penis isn't fully erect.

2nd i... More
Posted by DoubleGripSockGartersMan on 04/18/2012

Bought the 3-pack gold as my very first ever FLs. Tried the Lady Lager tonight, first time. Wasn't expecting this to feel real. I mean it's a toy. I was SOOOO wrong!!! All I can say is the finish. WOWWWW!!! That was intense!!!!!! Bye bye Rosy!!! LOL!!!

I'm a convert!!! Kickin Rosy to the curb wit... More
Posted by Freemind on 01/14/2012

The sleeves are fantastic, however, the cans are awful. They don't provide a good seal if you have one end screwed tight and that prevents you from having a very tight fit which was what I was looking for.
Posted by JKira on 05/25/2011

This is, without a doubt, the best deal on this entire site.

The Sukit Can is my personal favorite, and I do believe it will be many others.

Lady Lager is great as well, it feels almost as intense as the Sukit, but is good for a longer stoke-sesh.

O'Doyle's Stout is the less textured of the... More
Posted by SmokeyMcPott on 12/15/2010

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