Lady Lager - Sex in a Can by Fleshlight

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Lady Lager

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Lady Lager

Sex In A Can™ - Lady Lager

Born in the heart of Texas’ hill country, lady Lager is carefully handcrafted by masturbrewers with our patented Real Feel Superskin Material for a truly lifelike feel. This lady combines the choicest lips and the rarest sensations you’ll always fill up and will never let you down.

Lady Lager features an exclusive mini vagina orifice and mini lotus inner texture not found on any other Fleshlight product. Sex in a Can features the same patented Superskin material as the original Fleshlight and is just as easy to use and clean. With the compact beer can case and fully washable and removable sleeve, it’s like a Fleshlight, only tighter...Much Tighter!

What Comes With This Product?

  • Pink Lady Lotus Sex In A Can Sleeve (Mini FLG Lotus Texture).
  • Gold Sex In A Can Beer Can Case.
  • Sample Lube Pillow Pack (good for 1 use)
Product Measurements:
Case Dimensions: 7.75" x 2.80"
Sleeve Dimensions: 6.80" x 2.60"
Texture: Overall Length: 5.5" (Starts: 1.0" from Orifice)
Texture Diameter: 0.25" to 0.90"


Mini-Lotus Texture

Classic Lady Orifice

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Customer Reviews

this thing is so tight, and every time i use it it feels better and better. My Pink Lady is one of my best investments and I can't stop using it. definitely worth the money, easy to use clean and an amazing orgasm. but now I'm home and my gfriend can do it for me

Posted by badboy on 07/21/2010

Wow. It's perfect, all I can say.
Posted by Wow on 07/08/2010

This is the best flesh light Ive bought, the suction(air seal) is incredibly strong, better then that of the normal sized fleshlight, and its for average sized men. I would strongly recommend it to anyone interested in buying one.
Posted by ohyah on 06/21/2010

Love this Lady Lager. Much tighter and smaller than the normal fleshlights. The smaller Sex in a Can fleshlights are much better for the average size man. The regular sized Fleshlights are way too big and long - you'd have to foot long dick to fill up one of those things. I bought one of the lar... More
Posted by dude on 06/14/2010

I got it today after waiting 5 days but felt like an eternity. This has the same vacuum on the bottom as the fleshlight (I have never used the fleshlight) anyway ripped open the package today and put it to the test. Now being recently seperated I needed something that felt even close to the real thi... More
Posted by jackmehoff on 04/24/2010

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