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Growthflex - Penis Pump

The GrowthFlex works on the same principles as anabolic weight training. If you want to get a bigger chest, you do push ups. If you want to get a bigger penis, you do this. An easily adjustable suction urges you to flex to maximum capacity, stretching, lengthening and expanding the erectile fibers. Easy, safe, and predictable results are finally available. Your discipline and desire are the only limits to the SIZE you crave.

Canister Dimensions:
Length: 10.2"
Width: 2.55"

Connecting Hose Length:

* Comes with 4oz. bottle of oil-based lube. (not compatible with fleshlights!)




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Customer Reviews

got this for my bf. started seeing results in weeks. amazing! couldn't be any more happier ;)
Posted by Meg on 04/03/2011

All I want to say is THANK YOU to fleshlight folks! I love my Growthflex and I use it everyday. I wouldn't exchange it with the world.
Posted by NicholeRam. on 01/20/2011

This item recieved on June 1st . I used this almost everynight since then . Can't believe the change !! Ladies do take notice , and do a doubletake when you're wearing tight jeans, the buldge looks OUTSTANDING ! And the confidance ? I'm So happy with the results ...
Posted by ddt207 on 09/23/2010

I only used it one time and I just had to leave a review. Now before you buy this... you MUST use it 4-5 times a week to gain PERMANENT results. Otherwise it will be temporary results. Now I must tell you I could feel my penis stretching. I have never seen so much blood flow in my penis before.... More
Posted by DylanR. on 07/31/2010

I was looking around for long time to get something to help me gain more girth, because my wife really loves it! Then I got this Growthflex. I am using it 2 to 3 times a week and the result has been unbelievable. This pump set is A PHENOMENAL! It is of BEST QUALITY… I love the PUMPING LUBE that... More
Posted by MarioC. on 04/03/2010

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