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Growthflex - Penis Pump

The GrowthFlex works on the same principles as anabolic weight training. If you want to get a bigger chest, you do push ups. If you want to get a bigger penis, you do this. An easily adjustable suction urges you to flex to maximum capacity, stretching, lengthening and expanding the erectile fibers. Easy, safe, and predictable results are finally available. Your discipline and desire are the only limits to the SIZE you crave.

Canister Dimensions:
Length: 10.2"
Width: 2.55"

Connecting Hose Length:

* Comes with 4oz. bottle of oil-based lube. (not compatible with fleshlights!)




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Customer Reviews

I love this product. I bought it last week and I am already seeing size results. Only problem is when I use it too often, my penis starts to hurt. So, I take an extra day or 2 to not use it so my penis feels better. Then I use it again.
Posted by BigJohnson on 07/23/2012

good quality but I noticed some pain when using. I will stop using for a week to see if symptoms reside.
Posted by ralph12 on 02/29/2012

Doesnt work all that well, the results are temporary and newly gained length decreases over time...
Posted by gilperon on 01/13/2012

My dick has grown in size so much. I recommend this to any fellow male lacking sexual confidence.
Posted by bigdickguy on 08/25/2011

This is by far the worst product I have ever wasted money on. Followed all directions EXACTLY, and the top of the cylinder started getting stress cracks on the third use. Now, after the sixth use, the entire pump is unusable because the ever-widening cracks let in too much air to create a proper vac... More
Posted by Joe on 06/24/2011

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