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Growthflex - Penis Pump

The GrowthFlex works on the same principles as anabolic weight training. If you want to get a bigger chest, you do push ups. If you want to get a bigger penis, you do this. An easily adjustable suction urges you to flex to maximum capacity, stretching, lengthening and expanding the erectile fibers. Easy, safe, and predictable results are finally available. Your discipline and desire are the only limits to the SIZE you crave.

Canister Dimensions:
Length: 10.2"
Width: 2.55"

Connecting Hose Length:

* Comes with 4oz. bottle of oil-based lube. (not compatible with fleshlights!)




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Customer Reviews

You must apply a petroleum based product (vaseline) around the base of your penis to ensure proper suction and silicone ring durability.
Posted by hyped on 05/14/2014

This works pretty good I use it once in a while
Posted by Michael42 on 04/13/2014

This thing is great. I have been using for a little over a month now and have already seen 2 cm growth.
Posted by chokesondick on 04/01/2014

Consider better bloodflow, it works... jeeze, stupid people reviewing... take it from a health scientist...

1. shave hair in region...

2. wet the ring inside and out before using (to prevent ring damage)

3. pump until significant tension and use release nozzle to prevent damage to blood ves... More
Posted by mikew.ont.canada on 09/05/2013

After 6 uses the silicone ring tore from the pressure of the plastic tube & you cannot buy replacement silicone rings.
Posted by BarekV on 05/28/2013

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