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Trojan Thintensity

Trojan Thintensity


Trojan Thintensity condoms at

Trojan Thintensity - Box of 12

The newest addition to the Trojan line of condoms, the Trojan Thintensity ultra-smooth, lubricated condom has been designed specifically for maximum sensitivity and comfort. Designed to be slightly longer and slightly larger at the closed end, the Trojan Thintensity offers the most natural fit in the Trojan line. Made from premium quality latex to help reduce your risk factors, each condom is electronically tested to meet the stringent US standards.

Trojan brand latex condoms, when used properly, are highly effective against pregnancy – although no contraceptive can guarantee 100% effectiveness. Any use of the condom for other than vaginal intercourse can increase the potential damage to the condom. Trojan Brand Latex Condoms, when used properly, may help reduce the risk of catching or spreading many Sexually Transmitted Diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea, Chlamydia, genital herpes, and AIDS; however, they cannot eliminate the risk. For maximum benefits it is important to follow the for use printed on the inside of the package.

Over 25% thinner than
standard condoms

Comfort Fit - Slightly longer and
slightly larger at the closed end

UltraSmooth™ premium lubricant
and low odor latex

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