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Rocks-Off Bad-Boy

Rocks-Off Bad-Boy

(14 customer reviews)

Bad Boy
  • Dual G-Spot stimulator
  • Unique easy to use design, just sit and rock. Hands-free!
  • Strong, silent vibration (powered by the RO-80mm bullet)
  • Made from soft and flexible medical grade silicone
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Tip to bullet is 11.25” and insertable is about 7.5”.with a width ranging from 1.25”at the tip to 2” at the widest bottom “bump” and 1.5” at the base.

So good, it's...BAD!

Bad-Boy is a new combined prostate and perineum stimulator. The design is based on the now famous Rude-Boy but has added contours to provide a more fulfilling sensation for the more experienced user. Produced using soft and flexible medical grade silicone Bad-Boy is comfortable to use and 100% hypoallergenic for your safe enjoyment. Bad-Boy includes the RO-80MM Power Bullet that can be removed allowing the silicone to be thoroughly cleaned after use.




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Customer Reviews

Works great. Was less hard to get inside than I thought it would be. My only issue is that there is no vibrator at the point where the unit touches the prostate like the nexus has. That would be killer. If you haven't had a prostate orgasm, you haven't lived. Its like how girls can have g-spot and v... More
Posted by yelp on 06/26/2009

I am in the middle of a tremendous anal session. 50 years old, anal 35 years, never been with a man. I ordered this not realizing how really big it is. But I love a challenge. You must remember that it is very thick. I usually use regular dildos. Anyway, it took some lube and a lot of sitting ... More
Posted by StraightGuyLovesAnal on 04/18/2009

I must admit after I ordered the Bad-Boy and reading the reviews that I was a little intimidated by what I had read. I ordered next day so I wouldn't have to wait and did it after hours on a thursday, so I had to wait anyways.

It was worth the wait. I don't consider myself an experienced 'enlight... More
Posted by BoyGoneBad on 03/30/2009

This is a great product if you are a VERY experienced user, but not so much for a beginner. I thought I could handle this huge beast as my first anal toy but I was proven wrong by that final bulge. I used Boy Butter (the water based version) and it made the experience feel nice, but that last bulg... More
Posted by Delvin on 01/23/2009

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