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Rocks-Off Bad-Boy

Rocks-Off Bad-Boy

(14 customer reviews)

Bad Boy
  • Dual G-Spot stimulator
  • Unique easy to use design, just sit and rock. Hands-free!
  • Strong, silent vibration (powered by the RO-80mm bullet)
  • Made from soft and flexible medical grade silicone
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Tip to bullet is 11.25” and insertable is about 7.5”.with a width ranging from 1.25”at the tip to 2” at the widest bottom “bump” and 1.5” at the base.

So good, it's...BAD!

Bad-Boy is a new combined prostate and perineum stimulator. The design is based on the now famous Rude-Boy but has added contours to provide a more fulfilling sensation for the more experienced user. Produced using soft and flexible medical grade silicone Bad-Boy is comfortable to use and 100% hypoallergenic for your safe enjoyment. Bad-Boy includes the RO-80MM Power Bullet that can be removed allowing the silicone to be thoroughly cleaned after use.




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Customer Reviews

I purchased this about 3 years ago and I just love it. The one that I have is still going strong and have yet to have to replace the batteries. I used it the other night after not using it for almost 6 months and it was amazing. I had very little trouble getting it in and it felt amazing.
Posted by Ernest on 08/11/2013

I tried the Bad Boy but found it a little too much, so I am buying the Naughty Boy. I just have to have something more than just my fingers up my ass when I masturbate, especially with my fleshlights. I will need work my up to the Bad Boy.
Posted by Greg on 01/15/2012

The very last large bump on it is a pain to get it, and to get it to stay in. This is not for beginners as I learned the hard way, my ass is sore. I am still not comfortable putting it in Do Not start out with this one.
Posted by Hardlydead on 06/12/2011

As soon as I put it in, the thickest, creamiest, cum just dripped out. I worked it for a couple of minutes, and it just slowly oozed out. It felt great!

The very last large bump on it is a pain to get it, and to get it to stay in. This is not for beginners as I learned the hard way, my ass is sor... More
Posted by Mikeal on 02/28/2011

Oh my GOD!!!!!! I bought this thing last week after breaking up with my boyfriend and it is AMAZING! Its all the fun of a night of clubbing without the risk of getting A.I.D.S. This thing puts so much pleasure in such a tiny discreet package that i can use it on my way to work at the beauty parlor w... More
Posted by Mr.Limpy on 02/20/2011

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