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ID Pleasure (8.5 oz.)

ID Pleasure (8.5 oz.)

(9 customer reviews)

ID Pleasure 8.5oz bottle

Designed to stimulate arousal, ID Pleasure Sensual Lubricant combines the sensation enhancing ingredients Ginkgo Biloba and Red Clover with ID Glide's premium formula. Clear, odorless and water-based, ID Pleasure, is silky smooth, ultra long lasting and latex compatible. Maximize your experience by adding pleasure to your life!

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Customer Reviews

I.D. pleasure is amazing and the best I have ever used. I have used others and really like the I.D. regular but I swear I get much harder when I use this lube. The feeling is amazing and I use it with the lotus and feels like real sex.
Posted by Jame on 11/01/2012

This lube is really a great product. I'll solely be using this when my lube supply runs out. My sessions with this provide even stronger erections and bigger, more powerful orgasms. The L-Arginine component of this lube really makes it a great lube.
Posted by CUMNHARD on 07/23/2010

My first lube was Astroglide, and I recommend it highly, and I will use it to compare this lube with. I like a thinner lube like Astroglide because it just seems easier to get the sensation of truly feeling the textures of my fleshlight.
This lube is excellent. It is definitely thicker. And it gets... More
Posted by Blowaway. on 06/16/2010

I.D. Pleasure lube with a S.T.U fleshlight is my set up, and it blows my mind every time! A little truely does last a while inside a fleshlight, and it is easily revived by just a little water. I'm on my second bottle of this stuff, and dont plan on ever buying anything else!!!
Posted by JeffMcAllen on 01/08/2010

This is the best lube I have used to date. In a flesh light a little goes a long way. If you are going the distance for a while it starts to dry out a bit and get sticky. However if you keep a little spray bottle by your lube just a couple sprays one in the FL and one on your unit and you back in bu... More
Posted by BigLoad on 04/18/2009

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