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Gun Oil H2O Lube (4 oz.)

Gun Oil H2O Lube (4 oz.)

(9 customer reviews)

High-Tech Lube For Smooth Rapid-Fire, Condom-Safe Action.

This condom-safe lube is highly concentrated and easy to wash off. GunOil® H2O is hypoallergenic and contains no pigment, so it does not stain fabrics. Fortified with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, GunOil® H2O is gentle on your skin.

"As a platoon commander, it was part of my job to keep 19-year-old Marines from killing themselves or getting too depressed," Fraser recalls from his Gulf War experience. "We were out in the desert. If you wanted to jerk off, you couldn't go anywhere. We built a "Whack Shack" in a two-story bomb shelter so Marines could have some private time and do a little self-love."

The Whack Shack became popular and the need for lubrication increased. The gun oil in the butt-plate of an M-16 gave Fraser an idea, "That's where you'd keep your rags, your ramrod and CLP, which is basically a dimethicone-based lube. We used it for everything - especially jerking off. I remember thinking the military-issue gun oil was a really good lube and I said that someday I'd bring this out to the public."

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Customer Reviews

While this lube isn't a bad choice, it was not my favorite. It's thicker than FleshLube Water and doesn't last nearly as long either. I had to reapply 2x during use with my fl in one session. With FleshLube Water I didn't need to reapply at all, this makes the choice clear for me.
Posted by Mark on 10/28/2011

I usually dislike trying new lubes -- I *don't* like experimenting. But, I decided to give this stuff a try, since the 2oz bottle came with my recent Sex In A Can 3-pack & Teagan purchase. I was skeptical about the name, but I liked the bottle shape and color.

Gentlemen, *this lube is for rea... More
Posted by AnonymousNYer on 04/16/2010

Excellent product!

Been using Wet Light for the last few years, which is a great lube at half the price of Gun Oil (per oz), but it is no where near as good. Can get away with using a much smaller amount of Gun Oil which balances out the price a bit.

Glad the free 4oz sample came with my orde... More
Posted by Plucky on 02/06/2010

It is the best stuff on the market even my wife likes it
Posted by sy on 05/20/2009

it really does last longer and you dont have to use much. The sample bottle (forgot how many OZ, but really small) FL ships with its products lasted me for 2 and a half months. I plan on buying an 8oz soon. Now i can do my fleshlight all day.
Posted by ohhhyeahUGHHMM on 05/20/2009

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