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Fleshlube Fire (4 oz.)

Fleshlube Fire (4 oz.)

(6 customer reviews)

Fleshlube™ Fire (Warming) 4oz. Bottle

Fleshlube™ Fire represents a break-thru in warming lubricant technology. Unlike many of its counterparts and predecessors, Fleshlube™ Fire is usable with the Fleshlight® or with a partner, without any additional lubricant necessary! Made from the highest quality medical grade ingredients this lubricant is a sure-fire way to heat up your self-gratification experience.

  • Warms On Contact
  • Dermatologically Formulated
  • Gentle On Sensitive Skin
  • Hypoallergenic & Natural
  • Paraben-Free




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Customer Reviews

This was the worst lube I ever used. It did have a warm sensation but it was more sticky than the gun oil lube. You have to use like a quater of the bottle just to get enough to use. Not worth the money or the time. SKIP this lube and just use the gun oil. I would've ask for my money back if I could but I used half the bottle in one try.
Posted by Red on 09/12/2012

This has to be the worst lube I have ever used. Granted it gives your cock that nice warm feeling, but you can get that warm feeling from immersing your flesh-light in warm water, or your cock in an actual pussy. As for the lubricant part, I found no matter how much of the lube I used it never allow... More
Posted by Chuck on 08/27/2012

this one needs a lil more to it.. its not as slick as the water and ice dries out very fast so if u want the good one stick with either water or ice mostly water
Posted by D_Man504 on 04/19/2012

I was pretty impressed with this lube, the warming effect really works nicely on FL's because it keeps you from having to dip it into warm water all the time.
Posted by Barrin21 on 01/05/2012

If you've ever used a warming lube before you'll know what to expect. The warming is great not too subtle or too intense, just right. The viscosity is great. The lube just doesn't last long so you must use a lot of it.
Posted by Sna7ch on 06/01/2011

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