In perfect English he spoke. "There is a spot, that if you push it, you can delay your ecstasy for as long as you wish." The American knew how to spot a bullshitter, but saw nothing but truth in the master's eyes. Intrigued, he asked in his most polite and beseeching voice. "Well where the hell is it..." The master replied, "I will tell you. for a million dollars." The American laughed, and then stared back into the long-beard's unflinching eyes. "Alright, I'll pay it." According to the story he did just that. In that place a great temple was built, and for the first time ever, Lu the Immortal's secret was revealed to the western world. The "million dollar spot" is in the area you might have heard called the 'grundle' or the 'taint', which is that strange stretch in between the scrotum and the anus.

The optimal pinpoint to push varies slightly from person to person, so start somewhere dead in the middle and adjust accordingly. Sufficient pressure on this area preceding ejaculation will prevent the semen from shooting up the vas-deferens, and will cause it to harmlessly return to the source, allowing you to continue lovemaking at your leisure. It is normal to feel your perineum contracting, just continue to apply the pressure until the contractions cease. It will have the sensation of orgasm, without the ejaculation, so you'll be able to keep going. And you thought that area was worthless.

Try sitting on a chair with a racquetball (or similar) pressing up against the spot. Have your lover straddle you and she is ready to ride all night long.