When it comes to pleasing a lover, intercourse is only the tip of the iceberg. A solid knowledge of everything leading up to the sex will lay the proper foundation and make you more of a complete and well-rounded lover. Just remember, every minute you spend in experienced foreplay will pay it's dividend three-fold when it comes time for intercourse. Also, if you want to take the pressure off your performance, it is never a bad idea to give your lover an orgasm before you even begin!

A good percentage of women prefer oral sex to intercourse, so shhh... no more talking, your tongue has work to do. Surprisingly, in an informal survey of women conducted by Legend's Gym, well over half of the men giving oral were categorized as "having no clue what they were doing." This was followed by the resounding challenge, "It's not that hard, its only one spot!" To which was replied, "Right, and which spot was that again?" For those of you who need that question answered, it's the clitoris (that little hooded thing resting on the top of the vagina). The number one complaint was that men seemed to be getting lost, and were wandering all around the vagina like children separated from their parents at the mall. 'Would the child of Cun E. Lingus please return to the Clitoris? Thank You.' Now that we got that straight, here's what you do when you get there...

Don't underestimate the power of a kiss.

There is a meridian, or energy channel, that runs from the upper lip of a woman's mouth, directly to her clitoris. It is called the "wisdom conch-like nerve" and if you caress it with your lips, and tease it with your teeth, it will subconsciously stir her excitement. Which will subconsciously get her aching to have sex with you.