These are goals and benchmarks to set for yourself while using the STU. Take out your timers and lets the testing begin. Your goal is to go longer than the allowed time and/or stroke count.

(Stroke count: 400 / Time: 6:00)
While it is tedious perhaps to count the strokes, like taking your pulse, if you count the amount of strokes in an average 15 seconds, and then multiply by four, you can figure out roughly the amount of strokes you have made. In the beginner workout, you should get used to psychological diversions and practice the different techniques of brinksmanship. Simply become familiar with all the possible techniques, and in no time at all (if you aren't already there), you should be able to hit a respectable 6 minute mark with ease.

(Stroke Count: 1200 / Time: 18:00)
This is a challenging workout, and mastery of the intermediate level will propel you to an echelon of lovers found rarely in the world. Perfect your psychological diversions and master the short circuits. If you can hit the 18 minute mark, you will be among the elite.

(Stroke count: 2400 / Time: 36:00)
Can you say Legend? No? That's okay, because that's what she'll be saying to all her friends. You will need to use all of the techniques you can to reach this mark, but hey, that's what you've been practicing them for all along.

Stroke Count: 5,000 / Time: ???

This number has been informally set as the minimum for anyone wishing to call themselves a Tantric Master. If you make it to this level, write a book and send us a copy.