There are two obstacles hindering a man’s ability to last longer in bed. First there is the incredible sensation of divine friction. Then there is your mind. While the STU can mimic the sublime, unmistakable sensation of intercourse, it cannot recreate the sounds, the intensity, or the passion of sex. However, just like the athlete who practices for hours a day by himself so that he will be ready to perform in a game, you can do the same. Learn the skills. Practice the techniques. Your body and mind will remember this training and when the moment arrives for you to perform, you will excel.

Many of the tips, tactics and techniques offered herein are based in varying degrees from teachings of the Tantric Arts. This is not by accident. In looking for the best advice, the soundest philosophy, it is only natural to go to the greatest source. Over three thousand years of knowledge is compiled into their systems, and their writing is free of the guilt that has tainted Western views of sexuality. But most importantly they began just like any of us—as men with a desire to better themselves. Their performances made them Legends