Its great to be passionate, but nothing brings you closer to the edge faster than heavy breathing or grunting. The Tantric Masters who are mentioned quite a bit throughout this manual expound on the value of controlling your breath. Practice deep breaths through your nose and settle into a calm, controlled rhythm. Make sure to pay attention to each breath as it flows in and out of your lungs, nourishing you with cool oxygen, and expelling the hot carbon dioxide.

No matter who you are, it never hurts to adopt the mantra of 'as if'. If you act like a legend, it will help you to perform like one. Confidence is the biggest aphrodisiac of them all, even if you aren't naturally that confident. You might be surprised how quickly what was once an act becomes real, genuine confidence.

If you put in a sub par performance, shake it off. You are not less of a man or a failure, you just had a bad outing. Even Legends have their poor performances, it isn't a big deal. Remember, sex is supposed to be fun. Keep your sense of humor. Stay positive, be good to yourself, and don't worry about it. Odds are that your lover cares a lot less than you do. And if she acts overly upset or angry, she is either completely self-absorbed or intentionally manipulative, both are good reasons to find another lover!

Our work is done here! It is now up to you to put in the time and dedication. You have the potential to be a legend, now is your chance to accept your legacy. Enjoy the journey!