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Drac Fleshlight

Take a flight on the dark side and have a fling in the wings. Made with Fleshlight's® patented SuperSkin material in stunning detail, you can now have what the realm of the living has been missing for centuries.

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Drac Dildo

It's your turn to get staked by the blood sucking nightwalker. Made with the highest quality, platinum cured silicone in extreme detail by Fleshlight®, you can have the centuries old old famous penis.

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Drac Fleshlight & Dildo

Beware of the alluring aesthetics of the Drac that Fleshlight has created or you may soon find yourself missing your most precious of fluids. Take a flight on the dark side in the winged Fleshlight or get staked by the centuries old penis from the collection of the walker of the night.

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This Ain't Dracula XXX DVD

Count Dracula is back, and this time, with a sexual vengeance unlike any other Dracula you have ever seen. This sexual sci-fi masterpiece is sure to thrill you. And get you hot and sweaty. Nothing like some good old fashioned vampire sucking and fucking.

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Drac Fleshlight and DVD

Feel the bite of the Drac Fleshlight and DVD combo. Get the This good old fashioned bites and nibbles by Hustler and take flight with the wings of the Drac Fleshlight. This combo is sure to leave you feeling drained!

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Drac Fleshlight, Dildo and DVD

The ultimate Drac pack is here with the This is good old fashioned bites and nibbles by Hustler, a winged Drac Fleshlight, and the Drac's shimmering red dildo. Warning: This combo may have satisfying consequences...

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