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Drac Fleshlight

Take a flight on the dark side and have a fling in the wings. Made with Fleshlight's® patented SuperSkin material in stunning detail, you can now have what the realm of the living has been missing for centuries.

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Drac Dildo

It's your turn to get staked by the blood sucking nightwalker. Made with the highest quality, platinum cured silicone in extreme detail by Fleshlight®, you can have the centuries old old famous penis.

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Drac Fleshlight & Dildo

Beware of the alluring aesthetics of the Drac that Fleshlight has created or you may soon find yourself missing your most precious of fluids. Take a flight on the dark side in the winged Fleshlight or get staked by the centuries old penis from the collection of the walker of the night.

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