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Wonder Wave

Wonder Wave

(41 customer reviews)

Wonder Wave Masturbation Sleeve

Textured waves along the length of the canal provide a powerful sensation while providing the control necessary to fully appreciate the Fleshlight experience.

Canal Diameter: 1/2 inch
Length: 10 inches
Diameter: 4 inches to 2.5 inches
Case: Not Included.

NOTE: The insert in this photo has been cut in half, so you can view the inside. It will not ship this way.

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Customer Reviews

Oh wow one of my favorite inserts, so good that I reserve it only for special occasions. It is "mid line" kinda inserts. It doesn't take forever to O but you're not a 2 minute tom. It feel good but not so good that it makes you nub (Super Ribbed). When you do O you can pump thought out the entire O ... More
Posted by Balls_To_The_Walls on 12/26/2008

All I can say is Yes, wow and what a great piece of work,
it goes with me everywhere when i'm on the road which is
6-7 months of the year. Got it three months ago and well
even the wait of warming it up and cleaning it a drag,
that's just a mere minutes of your time.
Since going thru airpo... More
Posted by 69corvette on 12/20/2008

The classic! The original and the best! No matter how many fleshlight sleeves I get, I always end up going back to the wonderwave.
As an average endowed guy, it was a little loose at first. But the more you use it, the more sensitive your penis becomes to the little waves in it. I would recommend ... More
Posted by Babalu on 12/16/2008

The wonder wave is just that a wonder. It provides pleasure like none other.
Tight and pleasuring. A real winner.
Posted by igotabig8 on 12/13/2008

a cult fav, and with good reason. This insert was more than what i expected. The waves are gentle enough for you to enjoy without the risk of being over simulated. for those looking for "just one insert" this is the one for you
Posted by my2cents on 12/11/2008

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