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سوبر ريبد Super Ribbed

سوبر ريبد Super Ribbed

(25 آراء العملاء)

Super Ribbed قالب العادة السرية

بروز أكثر كثافة بحيث يقدم لك إحساس قوى وممتع والذى سوف يجعلك على الحافة بشكل أسرع مما تتخيله.

قطر القناة: 1/2 بوصة
الطول: 10 بوصة
القطر: من 4 بوصة الى 2.5 بوصة
العلبة: غير مشمولة

ملحوظة: تم قطع الصورة الى نصفين, بحيث يكون بإستطتاعتك أن ترى ما بالداخل, لن يتم شحنها على هذا النحو.

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علبة Black Fleshlight

علبة Black Fleshlight

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آراء العملاء

I've been using the Fleshlight for years now. I have had three of them. Bottom line.... If your a perv and don't get pussy buy this now! If your in between girlfriends in that "gray" area dry humping your dick with your this now! If you love fucking your current girlfriend but on those da... أكثر
نشر بواسطة truthaboutFL على 02/09/2011

Oh my God this is the most amazing device known to man. I loved it the minute I tried it. I heard a lot of people whining about "oh it doesn't feel real enough" these people make me question if they have ever even had sex. If you close your eyes and make sure its properly lubricated it feels like th... أكثر
نشر بواسطة Necro على 01/13/2011

Just got my fleshlight today, 15 minutes ago to be exact. I gave it the test ride as it came ( room temp ) and with the lube suppled. The feeling was hard to describe. It was better then my hand for sure though. Right before I was about to come the pleasure was 500% better then hand masturbation. Af... أكثر
نشر بواسطة AlphaBravoCharlie على 10/15/2010

I'm 22 yr old & I chose this sleeve for my 1st ever Fleshlight experience. 1st off, the whole idea of this product is GENIUS. Admittingly, I was hesitant to buy one for a few months, but curiosity eventually caught up with me & boy am I glad it did! Obviously nothing will replace the real thing but ... أكثر
نشر بواسطة KC على 09/28/2010

Good sleeve. My first FL was the original one, but this was my first textured sleeve. Texture + the smaller size (1/2" canal) makes this on more easily felt!!
نشر بواسطة fredz على 06/21/2010

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