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Original Masturbation Sleeve

Our best selling masturbation sleeve and a must have for first-time buyers, the Original offers a smooth, slightly wider canal that won't send you over the edge too soon.

Canal Diameter: 3/4 inch
Length: 10 inches
Diameter: 4 inches to 2.5 inches
Case:Black case NOT included.

NOTE: The insert in this photo has been cut in half, so you can view the inside. It will not ship this way.

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Customer Reviews

It took years, but I finally wore a hole in it! My length is a little over 7 inches and girth is 6 inches, so this is the best. (Tried the fancier textures, but the canal on those was too narrow.)
Posted by littlebigmaninNC on 06/13/2011

Have had this for several years and at times masterbate 2 times a day. for me this thing is just perfect and rather than lube if you tongue it (like you would your woman) prior to insertion the lube is juuuusssst rightttt. it is better to use your body motion and make love to it rather than jackin... More
Posted by howsweetitis on 02/04/2011

Don't get me wrong, this product is great...it's just for me it's not tight enough. The best part is the orifice against my head. BUT I can barely feel it on the inside. I just ordered the super ribbed and I will see how that goes.

I'm not disappointed, this was mainly a learning experience for m... More
Posted by Tehv on 11/04/2010

I had this for 3 months and still I love the inside feel of it. Thank you fleshlight (make more)!!
Posted by Ken on 10/30/2010

Holy shit, this thing is awesome. The second I stuck it in, I new I made the right choice. Well worth the money and WAY better than using my hand. I'm an average size length, but a little on the girthier side and this actually felt tight at times. I've also noticed that my dick is actually bigge... More
Posted by TheLibrarian on 07/09/2009

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