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Black Fleshlight Case

Black Fleshlight Case

(5 customer reviews)

Black Fleshlight Case

Black Fleshlight Case

Need a replacement case or another case for a new Fleshlight Masturbation Sleeve? Color may vary slightly from those pictured. Cases do not include masturbation sleeves.

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Customer Reviews

I bought a ice stealth sleeve and a black case so it is less likely someone will stumble upon my Fleshlight and even less likely they will know what it is for. The problem is Fleshlight is still on the side of the case. It hurts the purpose of buying the stealth sleeve and made me apprehensive about... More
Posted by Hentai_Guy on 04/16/2010

This to me is the best color to choose, most definitely the easist to hide, most flashlights are black so if someone sees they probably won't investigate it. As for the air tightness which the cases seem to lack, I've found the by far easist way to achieve this is wrap electrical tape around the se... More
Posted by Fleshy_lover on 03/08/2010

Every masturbating man needs once of these. once you use this you will never want to use your hand again. However, they need to make the end cap more airtight by adding an o-ring or rubber washer. And it would be cool if they would add an air-release valve on the end so that once you insert your pe... More
Posted by grasshppr on 12/02/2009

Great case because it's the only case. If you like easy to hide in the dark and sleek looking case the black is the way to go.
Posted by Balls_To_The_Walls on 12/26/2008

Of the assortment of colors Fleshlight offers for it's cases, I think the black is the best. Warm up your sleeve, and the dark coloring of the durable, easy to clean case will even hold the heat in longer for the occasional marathon session.
If you are torn on what color case to get with your Fleshlight, don't be. Black is the way to go!
Posted by Shredder on 12/11/2008

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